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I have moved ..... all of my updates for this blog will be located in one of two places  I am trying to put everything together and make it easier to find things  .   I know that not everyone uses FACEBOOK but that is where I have been posting the latest deals and money saving tips for now until the new website is made.....  you can find me  HERE: you can also find my "writings" about frugal ventures and other personal things  HERE: I occasionally update the 365 Humans and that is located HERE: I have a personal FB page (anjie kay) and Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,  Photo Page (FB: Photos By Anjie) and an outdated Linked In. I can also be reached via EMAIL ... even though I rarely check it anymore   byuwebqueen(AT) The plan is to integrate everything and make a new website (FINALLY) that hopefully you can find everything in one place wi

My Mediumalism Journey inspired by Marie Kondo......

So everyone is watching Marie Kondo's videos, reading her book ,   quoting her and "Tidying UP" their lives.   This is to bring the reader / viewer "joy" in their lives that were otherwise classified as "chaotic" or "organized chaos at its best."  So many more people than you would expect are hiding their hoarding or some (like me) letting it all hang out .  With the deaths that all came back to back in my life like a 1-2-3-4-5 punch. The first being my father and the latest being my daughter and other close relatives in between,  stacking stuff has become one of my least favorite past times (but the one I do most often).    So while I don't "need" anything the things around me that have always "done the job" have needed replacing due to my neglect while dealing with internal things my external starting morphing into being ... "THE ONE AND THE SAME."  So,  "project happiness" wa

I haven't been "myself" lately ..... anything but frugal....

I feel like I have been living in a "movie"  ... in someone else's life... not my own.  Things got "shaken" up in my world ,  my house,  my circle ... in every aspect of the word when my daughter passed away over the summer.  I haven't really taken good care of things and with the "destruction" around me there was also destruction inside of me.    I wrote about some of it on my other blog and you can read about that more here if you like but for this page I want to talk about how the very act of being frugal or not being frugal affected my general attitude and health. When I have experienced loss, sadness, depression of great magnitude this time, just as in the past.... something changes inside of my brain and the importance of being frugal literally feels like a switch inside of me.   I go from pinching a penny to "I don't care what it costs if it makes me feel better for 2 minutes" in a red hot second   It takes no time at

SHOPPING AT HOME ! From your Fridge / Pantries etc... part 1

How many times have you heard "we don't have anything to eat in the house?"   I know I have heard that many times while raising my kids and having a house full of kids, friends, friends kids and now their kids.     When my kids were young I cooked dinner most nights at home, going out to eat only on rare occasions or the necessity of eating at the ball field more times that I care to admit.  We would have a "leftover" night about every 10 days ... and I would just take everything out of my packed fridge and put it out on the counters and the kids (and whomever else was here) could put anything they wanted on their plate.  I had not a care if they wanted "all meat,"  "all veggies,"  "all bread,"  or what ever the end of the buffet line it would be my time to dump what was left in the trashcan. I learned a new trick after time and that was "freezing" the leftovers and making the more healthy meal of "soup"


I have been living my FRUGAL LIFE doing everything I can that "makes cents" in Anjie's World.... everyone knows that I use discounts, clubs, coupons, sales, thrift, DIY, support local, enter sweeps, mystery shop, barter, etc to make my life as full as I can and continue my WORK HARD = PLAY HARD  mantra. CARPE DEIM ..... THRIFTING and EBAY have sparked my recent interest Thanks to my Friend ,   Jason , that pointed out a few things to me at a local Thrift store... RIGHT NOW ... EBAY has a FREE LISTING DEAL and I am ON IT! One of my favorite things to do is to combine .... coupons with Gift Certificates ,  especially if you earn getting the gift certificate.  I am a member of several sources that sell you GIFT CERTIFICATES at less the amount that is listed on them.   Stay tuned to my FRUGAL PAGE on FB & sign up for email notifications here  to get in as soon as I post them so that they do not go away.  I also collect GC from my Credit Ca

MORE "LITTLE THINGS" .... Back to the BAY...

So sometimes its all about the photos...and now is one of those times these are a few of my recent finds.... BACK TO THE BAY... going to throw somethings on EBAY to make a few BUCKS Wish Me Luck