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SHOPPING AT HOME ! From your Fridge / Pantries etc... part 1

How many times have you heard "we don't have anything to eat in the house?"   I know I have heard that many times while raising my kids and having a house full of kids, friends, friends kids and now their kids.    

When my kids were young I cooked dinner most nights at home, going out to eat only on rare occasions or the necessity of eating at the ball field more times that I care to admit.  We would have a "leftover" night about every 10 days ... and I would just take everything out of my packed fridge and put it out on the counters and the kids (and whomever else was here) could put anything they wanted on their plate.  I had not a care if they wanted "all meat,"  "all veggies,"  "all bread,"  or what ever the end of the buffet line it would be my time to dump what was left in the trashcan.

I learned a new trick after time and that was "freezing" the leftovers and making the more healthy meal of "soup" with the left overs of whatever was left.    HA!  this worked well too...  after time and tried and true methods I have become somewhat of an expert of "pantry" or "fridge" shopping and have blogged about these experiences in the past.      

I was feeding my family on $30 or $40 a week way before it was cool and could throw together a zero cost week with little effort.   I haven't blogged or done a pantry challenge in a while. This month I had to put out more than $1K in taxes for 6 months of real estate and personal property and felt the need to make up for "lost money."  

I have an empty outdoor freezer and need to restock it... we had a faux pas incident at easter and lost all of the items in it, and there were many.

In complete contrast, I also have an indoor fridge and a couple of pantries.  I have stockpiled over the years , have stockpiled in excess recently and have a well stocked pantry with many expired items in it I am sure.  Its time to "clean this up."  

So today...... I started the challenge...

with a little hesitation I am going to introduce you to one of my 3 pantries, my fridge and my freezer... (all of which my husband and daughter made fun of last night at dinner out) ... so I am sure the posting of this will bring them a tiny bit of discomfort or humor... not sure which..

as you can see they are CHOCKED FULL TO THE BRIM and are in desperate need of cleaning out


***smoothies at home are somewhat of a modern day meal.    My kids would have loved to have a "milkshake" for dinner than actually sit and eat many times, this I know for sure.   Too bad I didn't think of this then but ... at least I know now.   

this was my FIRST round of adding things to the blender from the freezer:   frozen kale, frozen grapes, a tiny bit of left over frozen blueberries

Checking the Fridge.... I found a granny smith apple,  2 apricots, ginger root and some pecans.... since there is no "recipe" I follow any longer for my smoothies , its basically anything goes....

I had this in my pantry for an extended amount of time.  I bought it from the clearance rack , knowing that this aloe water would be good for "burns" or "sunburns" not really thinking I would drink it.  Well I never used it for first aid on the outside so.... opened it up, tasted a very tiny amount and didn't mind the taste so in went a splash to the blender.   

I then scooped 2 tablespoons of Collegen   that my friend recommended to me recently for good measure .  (hair, skin, nails)

and there you have it.... soooo very delicious, nutritious and not to mention helping to clean out my stockpiles too... I am sipping on this while typing this blogpost and my mind is already getting excited about what's next on the menu!

Smoothie recipes are plentiful on the internet if you are the type that feels like they cannot be creative on their own.   I have been inspired by ordering and enjoying the freezer / blender ready smoothie cups HERE  I took advantage of the 3 free with order and loved them.  I quickly realized that the most unlikely pairing and blending of ingredients made for the best tasting smoothies ever.   So here I am working like a scientist with no beakers SLAYING IT if I do say so myself.

Now not only am I getting healthy from these smoothies but I am making some GOOD DIRT with my compost ... AND putting water in my VITAMIXER (won from an internet contest) to make some healthy water to water my plants outside ... yes... you can feed your plants REAL FOOD in the water instead of chemicals.

food for the compost

food for my plants.... this is water in the blender to "clean it"

SO there you have it... get on board with me making smoothies, soup, casseroles etc ... shop at home in your pantry and fridge!


Anonymous said…
TODAYS SMOOTHIE : coffee (left over from breakfast) Coconut yogurt, handful of almonds,cacao powder and ..... omg some ice and thats it... <3 DELISH and NUTRITIOUS plus I get my caffiene... going for a refill now

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