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I have been living my FRUGAL LIFE doing everything I can that "makes cents" in Anjie's World.... everyone knows that I use discounts, clubs, coupons, sales, thrift, DIY, support local, enter sweeps, mystery shop, barter, etc to make my life as full as I can
and continue my WORK HARD = PLAY HARD  mantra.


THRIFTING and EBAY have sparked my recent interest
Thanks to my Friend ,   Jason , that pointed out a few things
to me at a local Thrift store... RIGHT NOW ... EBAY has a FREE LISTING DEAL
and I am ON IT!

One of my favorite things to do is to combine .... coupons with Gift Certificates ,  especially if you earn getting the gift certificate.  I am a member of several sources that sell you GIFT CERTIFICATES at less the amount that is listed on them.   Stay tuned to my FRUGAL PAGE on FB & sign up for email notifications here  to get in as soon as I post them so that they do not go away.  I also collect GC from my Credit Cards (points for GC) , sweepstakes, Search to Win and more.  I talk about them RIGHT HERE and on FB so that you too can CASH IN!   Longhorn had a FREE Appetizer coupon if you signed up for their AP ... we did that and combined with GC to eat, drink and take home some goodies... now thats a HOME RUN DEAL!   you too can CASH IN ... follow me!   (no worries I don't eat like this ALL of the time,  scroll down for some healthier options!)

Shop the RIGHT stores!  Shop the stores that offer QUALITY for discount prices!    I recently (yesterday) got the items photographed above and wrote about it on ANJIES WORLD  check out the post on how I got all of what you see for FREE.  As unintended as it was, it was very welcomed!  Sign up for notices from that blog as well for a little bit of "this" and a little bit of "that."

HEALTHY AT A DISCOUNT?   everyone says that in order to eat more healthy , you have to spend more money, right?   If you have been following along I have been trying boxed meals and reviewing them.  This one was reviewed on ANJIES WORLD  and is my newest venture.  I love love love the Curry Styled Soup and the Smoothies that have helped me to eat healthier... get 3 free with your order RIGHT NOW ... thats the offer I signed up with!

Other Savings for FEBRUARY

MYSTERY SHOPS :    5 recent shops for some ALMOST free meals,  can't beat that !

Online Bill Pay:   save gas, checks, late charges etc... I use this almost exclusively now!

Barter:   Bartered : photographed a Wedding in February for Martial Arts lessons for my Grandson !  

Deals:   The BOX MAN COMETH and will keep on coming as I have ordered several items for my photography business at a great discount!  I will share more on that with another blog post!

Budget Payments:  with the extreme weather in the USA our utility bills .... well they vary hugely.... I have my electricity set up to be the "same" every month and now my gas too (its a phone call) and poof , its done!

NO TRASH PICK UP :   we take our own trash to the  dump ,  free..... this is one bill that I would opt to pay if I were rich ... but for now we take our own.  Composting the "live" stuff and burning leaves (allowed in our county)

LEARNING:    drying flowers now for a REALLY COOL DIY project that I hope "pans out"  stay tuned for more on this!!!   


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