Wednesday, July 5, 2017


won a cooler and a bike for my brother at this event 

I made a wish list a very long time ago for sweepstakes wins and was very successful... kinda like a VISION BOARD to set my sights on... I think I won or "got" everything I was wishing for ... except "car/truck"  or "beachhouse"  (DREAM BIG)  ... everything else appeared either as a hand-me-down,  yardsale find,  gift,  barter etc.... so here goes nothing ... MY NEW and IMPROVED Sweepstakes wish list.... 

  • Exercise equipment that can fit in my house comfortably
  • New set of matching luggage that has 4 wheels / easy to transport
  • Ipod that is user friendly
  • New Phone that works well  and doesn't "blow up"  
  • equipment to hang new TV on the wall
  • Larger TV to hang on the wall
  • Gas Fireplace
  • Above Ground Pool
  • Kitchen Clock
  • my favorite colognes
  • Landscaping Timbers / Bricks / Pavers etc for back steps (dock area)
  • Retreat at the VA ESCAPE PARADISE or other like place
  • Cruise
  • work out clothing / shoes / bras accessories
  • Outdoor Shed
  • Fencing
  • NEW riding lawn mower
  • Generac Generator
  • Camping Gear
  • Sea Do(s)
  • treasure chest with key for my gson
  • NOLA style lamp post
  • Light Fixtures  /  Ceiling fans
  • Carpet or Flooring for most of the house
  • Gas Fireplace for bedroom
  • Gas Stove 
  • Countertops
  • Power Washer
  • Firearm / pistol with target equipment
  • Graphic Design / Website  (help)
  • Merry Maids  for a year  ... well you can't get it if you don't ask , right?
  • wine cooler
  • Bathroom fixtures   /  Mats  
  • dryer and a clothes line

I will be adding and subtracting as I go along but wanted to get that LIST out there and like a VISION BOARD for my laws of attraction to start working! <3 font="">

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