Sunday, March 26, 2017


Having been "poor" for several years of my life.....   Growing up in Government Subsidized Apartments, Being a single parent for a short time in my life ..and then moving back into that life style as a young , single, mother and adult ....  I learned lots of "tips and tricks" to making ends meet.
Everything from Dumpster Diving to Coupon Clipping , Rebating, Refunding , Sweeping and more... .

Most of the time if someone asks me for something .... yeah I just give it to them...... but I have found through the years that many people don't operate that way and some people just can't do anything free.   Sometimes and ALWAYS do we all need to make a living as we don't live in a society that works with EVERYTHING for FREE ....we all have there is a need for this thing called MAKING MONEY,  JOB and WORKING for the MAN ..or the PAYCHECK and paying Taxes etc....

I know I have promised a book to many of you for many of years on my FRUGAL DOINGS so that it would be an all inclusive story and place instead of just many - mini blog posts...  but this is one topic that I have just sporadically mentioned.....   The book ... has changed and morphed just as I have over the years ,  I learned how to STRETCH a dollar and make a dollar and Save a Dollar but the best thing I can teach anyone (including myself) is how not to SPEND A DOLLAR.... its all about now much you SPEND not how much you SAVE at the store...its how much money you can put in the bank to pay your bills... not the % off your receipt !!!

Thats where the BARTER comes in.   Some people don't have the $$ to spend for services or things that they need. 

My ancestors practiced bartering ..... my Great Grand Father was a doctor and there are records (I don't have them but my aunt does) of him trading his services and medicines for many things:  work, chickens and hogs .... just to mention those that come to mind from the top of my head.  The other side of my family were loggers and farmers and I don't have "record" of it but I am sure that there was a lot of bartering that went on there too.   

I read this story once called "One Red Paper Clip"   and man ,  my mind and heart were so happy to read about this success!  I wanted to be "just like this guy" and do something great.  I watched TV shows about it , and then was dismayed because many of the trades were done for publicity and not the pureness of the trade..... dismayed but not discouraged...

Craigslist has an entire category now for BARTERING

Recently, I saw that a friend of mine has taken up this practice too and when I read about it .... I smile, every single time I hear of a GOOD OLD FASHIONED TRADE!   

I have read books and read about programs that people join that put in "hours" of their "talents and crafts" and then can "deduct" the same.... I have never joined any of those programs and as far as I know most of them are defunct now....   

Now with all of that being said ... let me tell you about a few things myself or my husband has bartered for.... this is not by any means all inclusive and I sometimes just offer my services / time / items for free with the best barter of all .... GREAT KARMA....but there have been times..that a "trade" has occurred .... sometimes as the "deal" was made and other times just a reciprocal thing that happened .... 

  • Building of a Garage at my old home place:   (labor)  Cases of Beer ,  Hamburgers / Hot Dogs
  • Waxing of Eyebrows  ...... for some household items that I no longer needed
  • Birthday Cake for my Daughters 23 Bday:    Photo Shoot for Publicity purposes
  • Spray Tanning :    Photo Shoot
  • Manicure:    Headshots for Linked In
  • Electrical Work ....... for an old car that I had
  • DJ for my Middle Daughters Wedding Reception: Some Imported Beer that I got from a ALMOST FREE deal
  • Remove old baseboards from my home...... sectional Couch
  • 5 Bottles of Wine  ...... Digital Photos I took of an Author at an Event
  • Fresh Venison:     Family Photo Shoot
  • Painting and Power Washing of my home:  IPAD that I had and didn't use
  • Yard Work:     Babysitting Services (After School)
  • SPA VISIT:     Tutoring for middle school student after school
  • Smoked Chickens & Sauce:    Books that I had read from my bookshelf
  • FREE airline ticket:   Gave up my seat for a later flight .... 
  • Shrimp / Steak Dinner and bottle of Patron:   Tree work (my husband)  :
  • Legal Services    Tree work (my husband)   
  • Chiropractic Care:   Tree work (my husband)
  • Dental Cleaning:   Family Photo Shoot
  • Medical Doctor Visit including Shot / Treatment :  Family Photo Shoot
  • House Cleaning :  Senior Photos
  • Tanning Services:   Senior Photos
  • Restaurant Gift Certificate:    Senior Photos
  • Leaf removal from my yard:      Several Home cooked Meals (week worth) frozen
  • Books for Books.... LOL  that is more of a SWAP I guess
  • Assisting me for minishoots  =  free minishoot
  • Restaurant GC  =  Free Real Estate Seller photos   (Still yet to collect on this ... .one bad apple in the whole bunch aint too bad)

UPCOMING FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT :  bartering for a DYSON and SHEETS!   :) these are just a few barters that are right off the top of my head I am sure I can sit here and think of a whole lot more....but I will just move on

Recently made a Barter for YOUNIQUE  !!!   yeahh free make up (stay tuned for another post / comparison) with Make Up!

With all of that being said..... I am cleaning out some closets and giving away a lot of things that have been just taking up space.... right now...  not looking for anything in exchange, no barter, the exchange will be a HUGE RELIEF purge... which is a WHOLE ANOTHER STORY..... phew.


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Angie, I love this ... Thank you very much for sharing your story...