Tuesday, January 3, 2017

JANUARY 2 and 3rd......CHA CHING...... $38.07 (running total for January)

JANUARY 2nd:   Ham Biscuits for breakfast,  handful of snacks for lunch and dinner was COOPERS HAWK!   I belong to the "club" so I had a $25 Credit,  a $15 Birthday Month Bonus and we were gifted a $50 GC for Christmas .  We had two free tastings and 2 bottles of wine.... well that cost an entire $2.07 out of pocket and a $20 Tip !  WOOOHOOOO!  We had a LOT of good drinks and Food and GREAT TIME!



Breakfast at Frisbys..... for 4 .... all 4 of us were out at breakfast (me , my vitamin E , daughter and grandson.   3 bloody marys and an extra strong apple juice ,  and 4 complete breakfasts.  What a will of good gesture.... a great friend of E's picked up the tab and we had to pay a $10 Tip!  We didn't take photos but we sure should have!    Thanks Mr. Ed for our fabulous Breakfast!

DINNER:     Got a GREAT email from PAPA JOHNS   they gave me 10 bonus points for birthday fun..... I combined that with the points I already had and got a free $25 PIZZA!   they have a deal right now that if you pay with VISA you SCORE ANOTHER FREE PIZZA for later!!  SCORE!!!   we paid $11 out of pocket because we ordered some FABULOUS CINNAMON ROLLS on the same order and $5 for a tip .  so we paid $16 total out of pocket and still have another pizza to redeem again soon!  Christina helped us order to make sure we did it right at our new store!!  YEAHH!

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