Sunday, January 8, 2017

GREEN CHEF REVIEW......tried my box ....BOX TYPE #3 of the Meals in the Box programs

SO I got an order from :   THE GREEN CHEF


So right away I noticed that I did not get to "TAILOR" my menu like I was able to with the other two types of packages.   I was able to choose the TYPE but the menu was the same for everyone in each category.

I signed up for the PALEO boxes but there are 6 different TYPES you can order (there is something for everyone!)

I signed up for 3 meals for 2 people.  

When I got my box my proteins were packaged separately from everything else BUT so was EVERYTHING .... everything was just portioned , bagged and labeled and basically thrown into a box all together.   Zip Lock , Vaccumed bags , small little bottles etc etc.... it was as if it were a bag of groceries rather than separated into meals (I guess I am a bit spoiled)

The meals that they planned were Shrimp Fried Rice,  Maple Meatloaf and Chicken Stir fry with Cauliflower rice.    I mixed it up a bit.....

I did make Shrimp Fetticini with the Shrimp and Broccoli includd


organic single egg nicely packaged separately

chopping the organic cashews and roasting the cauliflower rice

Finished Chicken Stir Fry... omg good
and "chicken fried rice" instead of the shrimp.  I mixed up the sides and made my own.  I did the meatloaf but instead of the recommended side I used their sweet potatoes and beets and made a veggie medley.   You get the picture.

I loved how the meals turned out and I made them all but the Shrimp Fetticini at one time.   So I actually made one meal for 4 and then two other meals for 2 by adding noodles and sauce that I had on hand.

The quality of products and freshness are superb.

The "normal"  price of  3 meals for 2 is about $90  which I would not pay to resubscribe.  I have my subscription on hold as I do my other subscriptions at the moment.   I want to try them ALL!  I would order again if I get a $25 credit and brought the cost down to affordable....

Shrimp Fetticini 


HERE ARE THE GIFTING RULES AND INFORMATION :  I ordered one three meals for two people
I paid $10 for the 3 meals on an email promotion...

I looked for it again I didn't see the same deal so here is the Current Information:
Gifts are a free week of our 2-person plan that you can send to friends and family who haven’t tried Green Chef. When they get their second delivery, you get $25 towards your next purchase. Treat your friends to 4 free meals. Whenever someone who signs up with your code gets their second delivery, you'll get $25.

READ ABOUT GREEN CHEF   GO HERE   TO TRY 4 free meals deal



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