Thursday, December 15, 2016



I paid $19 for 3 meals for 2 DELIVERED after my $30 credit.  You need a referral to get the $30 off. My daughter referred me ... so I am hoping to get at least one of you to sign up so I can do this AGAIN!!!!    TODAY I made the  "CATCH OF THE DAY"  BOX.  It was one of 3 meals I received on my porch.  

GO HERE to get this deal

I am impressed by the packaging and the freshness of ALL of the items. 

The recipe cards are not as nice as the other box that i reviewed HERE  (home chef)  but its just recipe cards.  The box and all other items were comparable !!!

This is actually the shepards pie.... will cook that later but this is a box and card

Oh my goodness... deliciousness , freshness and cost effective!   I fixed a potato for my better half to enjoy in addition to what I served him as he is not a big fan of ANY kind of slaw but he did eat some.  It was a VERY delicious combination of flavors...dill, orange, cabbage, scallions, capers, sherry vinegar and olive oil....

YUM!!! I loved it!   

The other meals in this box included: pistachio encrusted chicken and shepherds pie.  I look forward to trying them!  Sign up through my link and we will both get $30 off three boxes, making the bottom line cost $19 for 3 meals for two!  

The great part about these boxes is that there is literally no waste.  Everything is measured out to the tee.  Because I chose to slack on a few things...  I had a little bit of capers, dill and scallions left.  I also had cous cous leftover but tomorrow I will add them all together and get a bonus "lunch" out them.  :)

Go get a box and say HELLO TO FRESH!   I have a pause on my account to try them all and maybe collect a referral or two... so I can order again!  Good luck and have fun with these offers...get em while you can!

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