Thursday, October 20, 2016


OK SO I TRIED ONE! and I am trying MORE!!!

here is what I did!   I used a REFERRAL LINK to get $30 off 
and gift another person $30 off another order  (angelle!)   who
referred me... I skeptically thought that I  "MAY" be able to get a good
deal if I played my cards right.  So I am going to share what I did and
what I found , works for me! 

#1  YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR OWN MENU, AMOUNT OF SERVINGS and COST OF your EXPENSES if you are smart....I decided I want to be smart, save some time and money
and eat some tasty stuff... "Chef" quality.

#2 thats what I did ... dinner for two x two... two meals and the total cost included shipping but if I added more items ($4.95 each times 2) I would save MORE than the cost of two more servings of SOMETHING

#3  I chose two DINNER MEALS for TWO and one BREAKFAST for TWO (which we love breakfast for dinner)  so that was fine for less than $20 shipped.   For me TIME IS MONEY and right now I am in the busy time of year.  I need to save TIME as well as MONEY so I can photograph more and edit more photos in a timely manner. 

****ADDING THE BREAKFAST OR SMOOTHIE at $4.95 x TWO is less than the shipping cost which DISAPPEARS when you add that ******


I  GOT $30 FREE DOLLARS and SO DID MY FRIEND for me signing through her link
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^^^^^ this is meal #1  Grilled Pork Chops with Mustard Vinagrette, Green Beans,with Roasted Potatoes  which I had to add to it :  Olive Oil , Salt & Pepper, Drink and I made a cucumber and Tomato Salad (wasn't even suggested but I wanted and had on hand)

First I had to quarter the potatoes and cut the ends off the green beans, easy smeasy

Put the potatoes on the pan and add the included Fresh Time and Olive Oil (you provide) and salt and pepper to taste and put in 350 oven....while that is cooking

You whisk up some included ingredients to make some awesome flavoring for your pork chops

Cook the pork chops (boneless and thick) on a heated grill or pan (I used cast iron) using some olive oil and salt and pepper ..... gives you meat temperature or approximate time for cooking,  saute / or quick fry the prepared green beans in same pan... put on plate to rest and top with the vinegarette

Get the potatoes out of the oven and try not to drop any onto the bottom of the stove like I did, add to the salad that you made in between times, and everything was ready for eating at the same time and was more than enough for two people.  We made our favorite cocktails and have left overs for tomorrow of all items except the cucumbers!

HERE IS THE LINK ONE MORE TIME! if you order one and use my link
then I can review another two meals!   I have 4 referrals to 4 different like company's and
I plan on cooking and reviewing them all stay tuned for more!

P.S.  I even got the thumbs up from my better half!  that says something :) 

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