Saturday, September 3, 2016


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This month has been full of HEAT and I mean EXTREME HEAT with temperature 3 digits ALL MONTH LONG.   Our drink of choice this month has been WATER which is always a money saver to start with and we needed plenty of it.   It was even to swim at the lake so other activities were on the agenda. 

I started the month by having my yearly "preventative" physical (OBAMA CARE) ... cost me $148 total for complete physical ,  medicine, and needed "upkeep"   in addition to a Estrogen Level check (that was the $148) and everything else was covered - thank GOODNESS!   I am now on two "maintenance" meds  (never have been on before) ... so my quest began to make sure I got a good deal with the dissolving of our local owned pharmacy it was a "problem" .  soooo the solution... I found with a little help from my friend....

IF YOU HAVENT SIGNED UP YET YOU ARE IN LUCK!  you get $15 for STARTERS!!!!  (I only got $5 because I didn't have a referral link)  YOU DO!!!

this is a GREAT SAVINGS PLAN I HEARD ABOUT ON CNBC!!!     it worked for me at WALMART YESTERDAY!     (also good at many other locations)  the important thing to note is that you have to show your CARD or PHONE INFO to the pharmacist and if they have not heard about it yet, to put down as "primary payor"   ....  my $17.99 (reg. price med) cost me $1.99 with the $5 off and would have been FREE if I had of had the referral!   every  month I use it I will get for $6.99 instead of the $17.99 until further notice!    My other prescription was cheaper with the $4 walmart plan!!   YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT ,  I will be telling EVERYONE I KNOW!!!  ....

When a friend signs up they get $15 CREDIT AND SO DO YOU if you refer them!!!

I just talked to a friend who gets NEUROTIN  for nerve pain and her $30 prescription would be $11.99 and with her $15.00 it will be FREE this month!  WOOOHOOOO!


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