Wednesday, August 3, 2016


  • Used my krispy kreme groupon and shared the wealth with a couple of my girlfriends and my DH!
  • Taco Tuesday $3 delish fish tacos and $6 for a dozen oysters at Latitudes this week  YUM
  •  Making lots of smoothies with the fresh veggies from my secret garden  YUM 
  • purchased some VEGGIE / VITAMIN powder at a fraction of the cost  of the "big boys" yet complete with all of the GOODNESS for my body
  • Took advantage (FIRST TIME EVER) of my free yearly physical at the MD and used my discount med card saving me over $100 at the pharmacy  - PRICELESS
  • took my youngest Grandson to the clearance toy aisle SCORE!  $9 outside bowling kit
  • ordered a birthday gift at Edibles.... joined their reward program .. 1/3 of the way to a freebie there - used a reward credit card OF COURSE
  • Maggianos with the family  $50 GC from my CC,  $10 coupon and the dinner for two B1G1F specials to take home  OMGOODNESS
  • 50% going out of business at the Pharmacy ... scored two moscow mule copper cups at 50% off /under $8 each!   Have been wanting a couple of those!
  • Fresh Herb harvest... mint / rosemary / oregano for the spice cabinet!  
  • Continuing to  Collect  Aluminum for my neighbor ,  she smushes and recycles!   
  • B1G1F   at CVS for melatonin.... generated a $2 off pistachio coupon too

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