Wednesday, April 13, 2016


BEFORE AND AFTER RIGHT EYE...... the lines are a little softer .... EYE #2 was after a night of 2 hours of sleep so for me that is a drastic difference....the settings are the different the lighting and place are the same,  I did not want to alter the photo at all with any editing so I could be truthful in my reporting so I did not adjust the color but I see a dramatic difference on the outside of the eye... ... I may want to do some more treatments!  WOW!


NECK #2   AFTER....

ignore the chin because I was smiling in the first photo and not in the second so that difference because of that but see how the lines in NECK #2 is softened?  NOT EDITED at all or there would be no lines...did not correct the color difference to be "fair" ....

I would say after 1 WEEK that is quite the difference for one week...if you would like a free trial and a FREE STARBUCKS CARD for doing the "test"  message me here on comments or on FB and I will hook you up with the girl to get you the goods!

if you sign up before the end of april there is a 10% discount and free shipping.....

let me know if you are interested!  REAL RESULTS!  new product to come out is the eye cream.... I love the night cream which is what I used for 7 nights and saw results !   :)  AWESOME!

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