Friday, October 30, 2015

FREE Romance books and some DEEPLY DISCOUNTED "other" books (99cents)


The easiest way to get started is to browse our website for the latest FREE and DEEP DISCOUNT deals for eBooks. If you want to get the deals sent to your inbox then sign up and select how often you want to be notified via email. If email and browsing is not your thing then you can access the latest deals from our Facebook and Twitter pages. All you have to do is like us or follow and we will get you added to our growing family of readers.
And if that's still not something that appeals to you, then download our mobile app available on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play and get notified each time a brand new titles become available.(Mobile App Available July 1, 2015)
I Just Read It provides you with the best titles from self-publishing authors and world renowned writers all in one easy to navigate location that is customizable by you, FOR YOU!

Amazon Kindle Store is the second largest resource of eBooks online boasting over three million books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. This is powered by their great eReader with a sleek design, lots storage space and a long battery life. Their latest iteration allows read along and their super-fast connectivity allows you to download most eBooks in under 60 seconds. Browse the Kindle Store!
Apple iBookstore: If you have an iPad, iPhone or Mac PC then chances are you already have the Apple iBook store installed on your device. This App provides with access into Apples growing repository of eBooks that you can purchase and download and store in your library on your device or in your iCloud Account. Apple is growing with hundreds of new readers, authors and publishers daily. Browse the iBook store
Kobo is just like your favorite bookstore, but with more titles to choose from. The store features millions of bestsellers, new releases, award winners, classics, even hidden gems from self-publishing authors and small publishers. Browse the Kobo Store
Google Play Book Store is a cross-platform eBook store that users can download eBooks which offers over 5 million eBooks and as such is the world's largest eBook store. User may add up to 1000 eBooks in PDF or EPUB formats to their Google Play Books account cloud storage, and synchronize them between multiple devices. Browse the Google Play Store
Overdrive distributes eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video titles from a large range of publishers and self-publishing authors. Overdrive's catalog includes more than 2 million titles and provides fulfilment to more than 27,000 libraries and schools. If you are a library card holders chances are you can use the Overdrive platform. Browse the Overdrive Platform
Barnes and Noble Nook eBook store has over 3 million eBooks from bestsellers to older classics. You can download eBooks from your favorite self-publisher as well. There are thousands of NOOK Books available and boasts over 1 million free books.Browse the Nook Book Store

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