Wednesday, September 2, 2015

SPENDING MAP: "the" Cable Company

Let me get this straight .... I would like to one day... be "off the grid" but NOT without the internet  (I don't want to be without that much knowledge, communication, sources, recipes etc) .... that is probably an oxymoron..... and sounds hypocritical ..but I have to have a laptop internet connection... I don't use my phone to surf the web ...YET and probably will not ever

When I say "the" cable company I mean "the" cable company, as we have been "stuck" in a monopoly for cable in my area now for many years.  Comcast is our company, the only choice besides : Dish Network or HDR Antenna in my area of my county.

But they get ya ...coming and going if you are someone like me and depends on having the internet at your home to work....then that ALONE is $80... say what?  yep $80 plus modem rental $10 plus all applicable taxes.   If you have the "triple play" you can get a discount $89.99 for all 3 (plus rentals and taxes).... hmmmm ok thats a no brainer EXCEPT you have to sign a two year agreement and after the first year it goes to $109.99 plus rentals and taxes.

I would eventually like to JUST HAVE INTERNET and get an HDR Antenna  and OOMA for phone.... to have only the $80 charge but at the moment I cannot make this change.... I have to take the time to research the HDR and get one SMART TV so that I can watch movies (amazon prime / netflix and HULU) 
Maybe after my two year agreement I can have all of this done and completed and win a "smart" TV. 

So I  was able to save some money and make the grandkids happy (I have the kids channels back)  More Channels = Less money .  If you have cable ANY CABLE you need to watch for specials and discounts and plans and when there is a better one than the one you have call them and Switch...that is what I did.   

My "savings map" shows cable as $1680 for the year.  This month my "deal" ended and instead of my monthly bill being $135 it was $171 ... and that's with NO movie channels and basic cable.... OH NO that isn't going to I called and got back on the plan... my bill now will be $125 a month for 12 months..... costing me $1550  (remember its what you SPEND not what you save)
a savings of $130 for the year.    It is not the savings I had hoped for but every penny counts.   If I were to JUST HAVE INTERNET my cost would still be $1200 and I would do without  television and phone  -  I don't desire to do that its worth the $350 to have TV and Phone for a year.  After the first year my cost will go up to $145 for the same services. 

I have checked into Direct TV / satellite and that does not work for me to have a viable business on the internet .... with the extremely slow uploads.

For other people other areas there are other options.  I have heard of some towns that offer free WIFI for the entire town...that is a DREAM for me....  there are also towns without the monopoly of one internet / cable company where the rates will be more reasonable and there will be more options for spending less money.

Running Totals.....
Internet:                $130.00
Insurance:             $691.54
                              $821.54       YEARLY SAVINGS

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