Monday, August 24, 2015

My Spending Map....... The Visual......

This is my spending map from  an average expenses in the past two years.   This graph looks VERY different from years past.     These numbers are based on YEARLY costs for each category.  The two largest "slices of the pie"  are 


 in the past my CREDIT CARD expenses were paid off Monthly and I never had a "running balance" creating Interest and more stress than I have now.   I always collect points from my credit cards which have contributed to less "random" expenses covering most of my entertainment and some of my gift buying.

Due to hardships  these two categories have gotten out of control.   

I will need to save money in the "other" areas of the pie chart and throw the savings to these two categories to become financially stable as I have been prior to my life hardships.

Amidst all of this ..... my Central Air / Heat needs to be replaced, which at a bargain from a friend is costing me almost $4K of more unexpected expenses.  

I am lucky in that I do have the money to bail myself out in my Retirement / Savings... but emptying that account would not be in my best interest unless I can replace those moneys by throwing the dollars into a different piece of the pie.  (I hope that makes sense to you)  as my income is not one in which will get larger by raises / cost of living etc any time in the near or even far future.

So with that being said..... I am prepared to show you my savings and spendings ...... starting with this date  AUGUST 24.... and how that will and does affect my lifestyle.    I hope that my learning and sharing of these details will help you and help me at the same time!

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