Saturday, January 3, 2015


***BREAKFAST pantry shop:   leftover Cinnamon Bun ...from Christmas .yes

***LUNCH:   Gift Card Score and FREE unlimited January refills on Coffee     
$15 GC from STARBUCKS for lunch gift from E's son EC...  (FREE Gouda Sammich) and Coffee FREE with the FREE refillable JANUARY cup from daughter (RACHEL)

DINNER:    this week out of pocket spent ZERO... pantry shopping

FRESH TO FROZEN PURCHASE from my FREEZER .... CRABLEGS  $9.00 *orig. cost several months ago...
 HUGE package

FREE SWEET CORN Frozen **chesterfield berry farm from summer
Leftover Potatoes from Christmas
Seasonings Straight From Louisiana (sent to me via my soul sista, Holly M.)
Onion (leftover)
Garlic (from my secret garden)

SERVED casual style with fingers and a towel in your lap.... lol

DESSERT :  Complete pantry shop with leftover bananas... have 2 more to use tomorrow:   CAJUN BANANA PUDDING

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