Wednesday, January 14, 2015


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**** my phone did not want to let me connect do I did this on my of these days I will get used to aps and such in the mean time I am still in "transition..... this was a START.... the savings catcher scans your walmart crts and then compares the price you paid with area competitors to see if there are advertised sales elsewhere and credits the difference to your account that you can get in the form of a gift card at a later date..... now that sounds like a plan to me.... I took my CRT that I recently used (with a gift card) and scanned it in,  held my breath but NOOOOOO there was not any credit to my account YET..... so I still have some monies left (some cents) maybe next time!

CHEAP EATS:   fridge full of leftovers + getting ready to cook some more "cheap eats"  chicken wings for sure and a delicious dessert too!   oh and a buy one get one free coupon in the mail!

BILL PAY:  does anyone still use a stamp / envelope to pay bills?  I know I don't!  sure does cut down on a few cents on those expenses.... I have to pay 2 bills by phone today... zero extra costs except the bills themselves.

Long Distance:   another cost of days gone by....I remember when I used to shop the best long distance "plan" with my home phone and use an 800 # and phone "cards" to save money!  wow.. now you just pay the cell phone bill / home phone bill and its "all inclusive" but its not a resort by any means.... there is a big learning curve at least for me.... long gone are the days where a phone was a device to talk on  I just made 3 long distance calls without even batting an eye lash....where I used to watch a clock or a watch like a hawk! 

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Redbox is offering up a FREE one day DVD or Blu-ray rental

with the code 45TH8787 – valid through 1/18!   Just looked 

at what was available and have "boyhood" on hold for now 

pick up to watch on this icy day.

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Bettyhop said...

Hey Anjie! Just a heads up on that Walmart Savings Catcher. If you want to double your savings, get a Blue Bird card for free from Walmart, transfer your savings from the Savings Catcher to the Blue Bird Card and they will double your money!!! I've got $100 already! Hurry though, this will not last but well worth it!!