Monday, January 26, 2015


had a great birthday full of treats to dinners and lunch and also piled on one more jalapeno burger ($2) to round out the cheap eats before the DETOX that I started today 

Spent $54 in Groceries at WALMART after redeeming my ENERGIZER REMAINING REBATES

so for the next 5 days that is the GRAND TOTAL for my detox... I am suppposed to reshop and restock after 5 days and may go to the FRESH TO FROZEN for that part and compare the cost(s) of the meals.....

here is the book if you are interested in joining with free shipping

preview is also available thru the link

DAY #1   of cleanse / detox
2 large smoothies  *strawberries, mangos, apple, grapes, spinach, flaxseeds, stevia)
Homemade Vegan Soup (made with same ingredients as smoothie + radishes, cabbage, tomatoes and plenty of herbs)
Multi Vitamins and Milk Thistle
Detox Tea with mint, lime and stevia

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