Friday, November 21, 2014


natalie dee

I am already starting to get emails from people that are either including Black Friday ads in notes to me, sending me the "secret" sales etc....... so I thought this would be the perfect time to address the BLACK FRIDAY THING...........

Anyone that has been a freelancer for a year or more knows that "anjie doesn't do black friday!"  EGADS, YIKES, UGH, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep that is right anjie doesn't even LIKE black friday, much less look forward to it as a day of shopping.........


I shop "black friday" prices and discounts ALL YEAR LONG......... why in the world would I want to get up before daylight to "fight" with traffic, parking, cashiers, customers etc and listen to all of the CHAOS to get a deal when I can .............uh..............

stay home in my pj's and listen to the first day of Christmas music and recoup from Thanksgiving?

Now if you are a newbie and haven't been STASHING gifts / freebies/ gdas etc all year long and now just need to fill in the gaps,  ABSOLUTELY this MAY be worth it to you,  for me.........

nope,   I wanna stay home on Black Friday ................. I have GREEN fridays all year long! :)

Some people say they look forward to black friday as a way to get them "motivated or in the mood" for the holidays, for me................ it EXHAUSTS ME!   there are many "black friday" sales on the NET as well............. BE CAREFUL some of them APPEAR to be GREAT DEALS but "reality" is ,   same deals we (as freelancers) get ALL YEAR LONG!

I will write more about this later, you are free to comment, agree or disagree etc....... in the mean time, I would love to read your comments ! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

I soo agree with you: I stay HOME on Black Friday. Why would I voluntarily subject myself to crazy shoppers, traffic, standing in lines, and worst of all...dragging myself out of bed early? No thanks. I'm like you: I live lavishly for less all year round! Maybe is has to do with our social work training too??? Hmm, could be. I am always bumping into my thrift stores! It's a running joke. But, we find amazing deals, like the "new" cashmere turtleneck sweater I bought last weekend for about 3 percent of it's list price. Who needs Black Friday? Not us!

Thanks for your work, been following you for years. Keep writing and saving!