Friday, October 10, 2014

TRIP TO FRESH TO FROZEN...... I made some money taking some produce out of the store!

50 cents for a pack of 3 of these yummy morsels....yea I bought 2 packs! 

well,   I spent 138.00 that is REALLY WHAT COUNTS .... not what you save but what you spend !
******** reference to an older blog post "the bottom line ********** HERE

I am going to try to post some "creative cooking" with some of the things I bought today

I headed out there to see what goodies I could find because you know it is a kin to a "treasure hunt" or a "trip to the thrift store"   .... going to Fresh to Frozen.....

I like making my "meals around the deals" or "creative cooking" being AFFRUGAL is something I am proud of when teaming up my shopping skills with my cooking skills I come out WAY ahead of the game ....most of the time.

With all of the kids gone and grown , I tend to not cook as much as I once did....and don't watch to make sure I am getting all of my vitamins as much as I looked out for that with my kids.

8 boxes / packs = 1 flat  =  $1.00 TOTAL for 8 ....

TODAY I had fun  with some FREE THERAPY.... my GF,  SUSAN came over and we caught up a bit, she helped me get in a heavy case of waters....and we talked about all of the deals so much that she left my house and went to cash in on a few of them herself.   WELL...... she went later in the day and most of the deals I got in were gone but she still left with 3 bags of stuff,  (I had about 10) which was worth the drive ... every time I go it is worth it..... .

The highest things that I paid for
Some ICY HOT THERAPY PADS...... $2.99
Coconut Shrimp (have been wanting badly) $6.08 a box x2
hugs "party size" artichoke / spinach dip / restaurant size $5
present for my Deb..... $4.50 for a 6 pack ..of a seasonal specialty beer for a "just because"
$4.99 for a pack of grain fed, organic pack of pork loins....

50cents Boston Cream Pie without the chocolate glazed topping ....50cents baked......

25cent for a container of graham cracker crumbs.....

I could go on and on and cannot wait to do some creative cooking


3 individually wrapped mini pies...was originally a box of 4  (2 lemon and 2 coconut) someone had taken 1 of the pies out and they marked the box down from $4.49 to .50cents...... in my cart it went....

8 lbs (that is not a type-o!) of ANY bananas for $1.... I got red/organic and minis!

The produce is almost always on its way out...and bottom line pricing so you have to bring it home and do something with it.... today the produce was ROCKING but the storage bags ....well that shelf was empty, no freezer bags either....  but thats ok

when is the last time that you bought something YUMMY and enough to share..... for 15cents without a coupon?  how about yummy, 15 cents and ....good for you?   I did it today!
"Black Bean Corn Salsa" refrigerated that had been frozen with a "kick" of jalapeno... yes it was a bit spicy for my friend Susan ...but I ate it for dinner with tortilla chips  NON PROCESSED tooo,  may even talk myself into another round before the night is over....!!!

I was able to score some grape tomatoes for under 20cents a pack...bought 2

The Caramel apples ....I don't need them but 3 were 50cents..and I made back 50cents on apples on a a matter of fact......... FREE did anyone say FREE caramel apples?  I think yes ! thank you!

I am going to earn a $1.25 back from 2 cash back programs that I belong to.... CHECKOUT 51 and SNAP......JOIN HERE   you will not be SORRY!!!   I made money buying some produce TODAY YES I MADE MONEY ON FOOD THAT WAS GOOD FOR ME WITHOUT COUPONS! 

$0.25 cash back


What's My Limit?
Limit 1 redemption per person.
  • StrawberriesAny package of fresh strawberries.
    $0.50Cash Back

    $0.50 Cash Back
  • TomatoesAny variety of fresh tomatoes. Excludes canned tomatoes.
    $0.25Cash Back

    $0.25 Cash Back
  • BananasAny brand. Excludes frozen varieties.
    $0.25Cash Back

    $0.25 Cash Back
  • CarrotsAny pre-packaged variety. Excludes vegetable mixes.
    $0.25Cash Back
Bonus Offer
Available to select users. Lucky you!

Bananas are .21 cents, 22 cents and .53 cents for each bunch ....I am getting ready to recoup some of my $$ on the bananas I bought (froze the red) using my new app!  (I'm still learning those)

SNAP HAS A 25cents rebate on BANANAS here


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