Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I have been particularly happy with my experiences with these type of sites and now facebook groups too!


****more info here with INSPIRATION****

If you are not aware of them do a search for your town/yardsale/consignment/resell  and FREE sites there are some in almost every area.  If your area doesn't have one you may want to start one!
here is just one of the "find your town sites"

Monday .... I was able to drive a bit....but to pick up a laptop stand and a faucet set for FREE

Today..........I was able to help out a couple of families and gave away:  A TV, VCR and 3 grocery bags of VHS TAPES

Today:   I was able to gift (pending pick up) a Jewelry Cleaner that I am not going to use
Today:   I bought a pair of Timberland Boots for $15.00

Tomorrow :  I will gift another pair of workboots (worn once) to a dear friend's fiance

I have given and received and bought and sold.....


I have gotten everything from cheap printer ink to a FREE dining room table with matching hutch from this type of online service..... and couldn't be happier to give back mostly free and making an occasional dollar or too on the trade.

We had planned to do a group yardsale,  myself and a couple of friends.... but I think I want to go through all of this stuff, list it , share it, sell it (not to make a profit but just a little back on a few things here and there) .......  I think I can get rid of most of it way or another and put a smile on someone's face ...just as my face has worn a smile!  :)

Go to your facebook page and look for the communities wont be least that has been my experience!   :)

here is a blast from 12 years ago, if you saw that "today show" you may enjoy seeing /watching again to see just how much has changed in the last few years.... a lot...but some of it ....a lot of it is for the good... I like many of the changes,  just not EXTREME couponing  that ends up stopping things like most of the double couponing in our area :(    .....its sad but true (one bad apple can spoil a whole whole bunch)  .....


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