Thursday, September 18, 2014



Today was another busy and frugal day.... the box man cometh with several packages of steals and deals for starters!   I love shopping when it is close to free.... many great new sites offered lots of opportunities in the past few weeks and I have been rocking some coupons before they expired combined with clearance...prices you just cannot beat!

Been trying to get rid of things EVERYDAY to help out someone else and find a home for things as I reduce my material possessions... today got 1 brown bag of items out... helped 2 people and gave my daughter some of her dance VHS tapes that maybe she can get put on DVD for Ryker to watch later ?

LUNCH with my girl, Deb at STH....we redeemed our VIP $5 cards today and my total lunch bill was $2.15 and I tipped $3 for fabulous lunch with my GF loved it! :)  (we were both smiling as we got another rec't to take a survey for a FREE FLATBREAD PIZZA ...we will get to do this AGAIN!)

Spent some Time with my Grandson ..... priceless

CHICK FILET for dinner redeeming FREE NEW GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH coupon they were giving out at the Game Last week!  ZEROOOOO DINNER

A quick stop at FOOD LION ....they sent me a few coupons.... oh yea babe my shopping list:

Bananas 3lb
Potatoes 1 lb
Pop Tarts
LARGE can of Bush's Baked Beans
LARGE can of kernal corn
Box of Kraft Mac & Cheese.... GAVIN~!!!
Box of Idahoan Real Potatoes (scallopped with bacon)
12 pack Cokes (vanilla zero)
Single Serve of Honey Nut Cherios

OUT THE DOOR $4.xx    
***Entering the Survey on the Receipt for chance to win $1K***

Opened a bag of FREE CAT FOOD from a while back and inside was a coupon for a FREE WET FOOD MEOW MIX ....SHADOW WILL BE HAPPY

Got some coupons in the mail for $5 off Similac....
Got free 12 pack sparkling Dansani   (coupon from
Got a mailing about a free poster (future post to include this I am sure)

I am on a missing to buy as little as I can, spend the minimum I can and get rid of things at the same time (reduce my belongings a little at a time) ..... so far I am doing pretty well  ...this day

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Marie said...

I've been following you for years, then lost contact. Back on again, keep up the cool freebies! Best Wishes, Marie in So. Ca.