Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I have written many times in the past about checking the "missing money" sites and collecting funds that you never even knew you had!   I have been successful in retrieving a small amount of money for myself ($75)....a larger amount for my Dad ($150, which he split with me)  and an even larger amount for a friend ($4K).......

its easy to do but I forget about checking it all of the time ....most of them are updated daily

I have several sheets of paper to retrieve money and items for someone close to me but because their parents were the missing money people and they are deceased ,  an extra step must be taken to become administrator of the estate .. If all of the people are living or administrator / executor has already been named it becomes much easier to collect.   All that is necessary are your legal identification / or documentation and you are all set.

Yesterday I was going through the bills and paperwork at my house and found this :

The company name is :   ESTATE TRUST ASSET RECOVERY   out of states that I have $100 in my name (REFUND FROM OFFICE DEPOT) that was never collected (I have done many rebates and credits with OFFICE DEPOT so this isn't "off the hook")   the name and address are correct but what wasn't correct was the city/state/zipcode.   The zipcode that was entered had all of the correct numbers but  one number was off or transposed........ 23139  turned into 32139 ...many programs auto add the city and state based on the zipcode.....  BOTTOM LINE :  HUMAN ERROR

This company included a form which granted them a limited power of attorney to collect funds for me (having the missing money people....send them $20 and me the remaining $80)  they would collect 20% for "claiming" my money for me.....I would need to fill out their form and a photocopy of my government issued ID ......

THAT SOUNDS GREAT RIGHT?     well....yes ....if I didn't have the knowledge / skills to collect on my own!   I went straight to missing money and found the claim  / report in the state I would have never suspected had money for me..... FLORIDA and WA-LA there it was.  I immediately requested that they send me the forms so I could collect my $100  .....

This is a GREAT way to make money for someone who is home bound or wants to work from home..... you could start an ESTATE TRUST ASSET RECOVERY BUSINESS.... with a little sleuthing you could make 20%  of a claim for as little of investment as a few sheets of paper and a stamp.   In my case that would make the company $20 for less than $1 in investment.  For someone else (as in the case of the $4K claim) that would be $800!!!  

I hope this helps some of you recover your own assets  and / or start your own business !  MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL OF YOUR STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS IN REGARD TO BUSINESS ..... if you decide to go that route !  

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