Thursday, May 15, 2014


SAVED $100 ...... $300 for 1000 gallon tank pump..... nice guys...great work, I even won the award for the biggest root ball to be removed from the tank....yep he thought it was a dog leg bone at first unreal that was in there, I can't believe it could ????? WTH found them on FB ...was very happy with service and price !

Put a little spring time (FINALLY) in the house ....gotta luv a single flower brought home from work to you .....I made sure it felt right at home in one of our empty patrons... my wizard frog.... likes it too... lit some candles and started cooking the fridge and "chopped style" make what you can with what you have style ... ALL DAY..... in between client edits, graduation crunch times, making appointments  and making sure things are ready for my assignments / shoots this weekend!

A pot of loose green tea with some FRESH MINT, thanks MA'LO  IN IT making some TEA ....yes I added honey 
and of course some LEMON VERDE ! 

The pineapple that my girl,  JESSIE PARNELL gifted me will be playing two rolls I am hoping the top will grow me another pineapple (albeit a slow process) and the PINEAPPLE COCONUT MAROON PUDDING WITH NILLA WAFERS was borne..... for dessert tonight! 

More Springtime Gift , Gracing my Kitchen Bar.... beautiful purples and greens ,  LOVE IT ! 

Started the process of working on my outdoor plants, need to get some potting soil and get that rain barrel on some blocks so I can have a hose of recycled water close to my herb garden and my hangers (ferns) that I save from an inevitable death on the top of a huge dumpster,  TRUE STORY

The Impatiens were a RESCUE from the dump as well, right now they are placed among the new blooms coming through the soil and the weeds that I need to pull... and oh yea.... SAINT FRANCIS of Assisi...can't forget him! 

The Beautiful Roses made it back this year unlike my Yellow Rose(s) of Texas  ,  not looking promising on that sad....

I am LOVING the wisteria...I have always wanted it and this is going to fill in around the archway quite nicely.... more bursts of purple,  I think I would like my front door painted purple? hmmmm may have to look into that

It seriously needs some filling in.....lost a few things.... over the cold winter , I am going to ask ma'lo where to buy some banana trees? she has 5 I am soooo going to get them if they will last in this zone ? I didn't think they would......?

The Hostas (all 3 made it) my lavender did not , it was hugs and beautiful, but these columbines jumped over from the other side of the house and the rosemary and organo are rocking ...sadly my glass mushroom is history too, but I will be making a few more!  

Everywhere I look in my house there is a gift from my girl VICKI throughout the year she has blessed me with boxes of sunshine and adorable things that she gives me from the heart, handmade items, surprise wins from her entering me in a few that she knew I couldn't on the spur of the moment. Cards and just some "luv" in general,  this ^^^^ is one of the items that part of a wreath was accidentally separated by the USPS  ,  it looks great beside my front door!  

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