Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I did a coupon class in Amelia last night , was a small crowd this time as it wasn't in the paper like the first one was that had a bigger showing but I was intimately happy with my 5 viewers (one of which is already a frugal freelancer) ..... and 4 turned out to be a magic number because that was how many of each "prize" I was giving out... "4"  !!!

The 4 items were to be a drawing but it turned into the 4 guests got ALL of the goodies!

While I was there I couldn't help but notice the MASSIVE selection of VHS tapes and some DVDS that were marked 25cents a piece ..... a person that likes to buy and convert to DVDS would have a BLAST at very little cost!  
and that was AFTER you walked in... once you are in you will see that this library is teaching and giving out some awesome information too, that is more valuable that you can imagine.  Check out their calendar as well as contributions to the Amelia Monitor..... SAVING MONEY ON YOUR ESTATE PLANNING AND FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS are the next topic on board.  EVERYONE should go if they can!

Thanks for inviting  me again this year.....You guys are a pleasure!

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