Monday, January 27, 2014


THIS IS A COPY PASTE FROM ANOTHER PAGE just helping spread the word!    

if you want to ..... try out for a VOICE 

Full anime for Yesterday's Dream comic. 

and we need voice actors, if you interesting please join.

It'll really appreciated, is a big project and we need voice actors.

The characters voices we need are the following:
Sonic the hedgehog.

Amy Rose. ( we need a 14 year old Amy voice, not so high pitch as her in game voice. )  

Vanilla the Rabbit. 

Vector the Crocodile.

Blaze the Cat. 

Silver The Hedgehog.

Female and Male voice ( This one is free style, is for Amy's parents, it can be any voice type, and you can say any lines for example: Hi there Sonic... or I'm sorry... Ect.)   

we're going to need an example of your voice as the characters, so here the the following lines for each character we'll like you guys to voice for the entry:

Sonic: Goodbye work job, hello freedom!
I'm Sonic! I'm cool like that.
I'm already being nice by being with you.
Leave me alone!
What happened?

Amy: Sonic!
Yay! Let's eat together!
I was just visiting the shrine...
Sorry, did I eat to fast?
You don't know what I'm doing for you, jerk!

Blaze: Hey Sonic, it's been so long.
Strange things have been happening lately...
You need to tell us what's going on!!
we dont have time for this!!

Silver: Oh Hi there Sonic.
I'm worried about everyone's sakes.
Things are getting really bad....
This is scary! How could it be!!

Vector: It's fine as long as I got the money!
Hey! Don't forget about that bet, you hear? 
You better keep your promises, boy!
Oh! Wait for me, Miss Vanilla! 
I'm sorry things went wrong...

Vanilla: Come and Join us for a cup of tea.
how was you're day?
Please be careful, we don't want another accident...
This is all my fault!


You can put on youtube a video of your voice , or send mp3 file at Niko's skype: Nikoceviiche.

or send file at email at

whatever suits the best for you c: 

Well really appreciate if you join, you can post you voice lines in a youtube video and then note us the video to listen to your voice impression. 

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