Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Ok so I bought 3 boxes for under $6 .......... a while ago..... with coupons....... there are not any valid ones RIGHT NOW that I know of but I did just enter 3 codes to get $10.00 movie cash and $25 dining cash !  wooohoo!  need to do one more time....... so I have 2 -$10 off movies  rules posted here   I looked for the "limit" and did not see one but it could be because the print is too darn small for me to squint to see LOL.... let me know if you find a "limit" on this.  I just did one but would love to have another!  

NEXT I entered some COKE codes.... for more points HERE they limit your amount per week but right now I am getting entries into one of their contests for each code I enter! wooohoo....  I have over 500 now waiting for another FREE carton coupon (they are the best)  I have entered my limit for the week... I usually redeem codes as quickly as I collect them , but right now I have a back log of caps and cardboard to enter!   YOU CAN have more than one account per household and be per person but I have a hard enough time keeping up with my "one" so ..... thats up to you

I bought lots of batteries for christmas gifts for the kiddos.... and there are specially marked packages.... for $8 in birthday bucks or $10 walmart gift cards for the submission of 2 codes each!   Can't beat that especially if you have coupons to buy the batteries!  FREE GROCERIES AND GIFTS?   you cannot go wrong!  go get um!  there is a limit of 4 per HOME ADDRESS / PERSON etc... please do not abuse these offers as they will disappear (just like double coupons did if we  do) 

FREE CODES  :    GO HERE sign up / sign in ..... 3000 points earns you a free $5 amazon GC and you get 40 free points today with TREASURE CODE (under earn points) SIGN UP HERE for FREE 30 day trial for AMAZON PRIME to get free shipping !   again PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THESE PROGRAMS , GREED makes us ALL LOSE.....  "Get FREE points with our NEW TREASURE CODE: "Goodtaste". Expires: 1/30/2014 7:44 AM EST."    

I got 100 points and 20 bonus points for sharing from

 KELLOGGS for their REWARD program TODAY for my 

BIRTHDAY (last week)  remember these points DO 

expire so if you don't use them you LOSE them  (I lost

 800 by not cashing in) I have a code to enter in 

another room,  I am happy because I have this offer in 

my account to recoup SOME of my expired points! 
We’ve missed you! Earn 100 bonus points on the next code you enter. Offer ends 2/1/2014

EVEN THOUGH this is the end of this post, it is NOT the end of my point gathering sites......I will be making another post when I get to adding more points to my accounts!  this is a Great Way to get started earning for the future.... (birthdays, valentines, Christmas etc... be READY before the holiday, not at the last minute!)

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