Sunday, August 25, 2013


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I try to eat at least two meals per month as a secret shopper.   I have been doing this for 30 years!  Yes it has been around that long!    You do have to be careful WHERE you reply and NEVER respond to an unsolicited advertisement about mystery shopping or secret shopping.  There are a lot of scams that target mystery shoppers due to the desire that people have to get free meals and entertainment.  (who wouldn't want FREE?)  

 I have my favorite "old faithful" shops that I perform regularly and then there are a few that I "tryout" sometimes.  Last night was only my 2nd visit to the particular "pub and grille" that we shopped.  We didn't have a good experience but this was the 'exception' to the rule.  Normally we have good meals, good experiences and are paid back for most if not half of what we eat and order.   I am applying now for some September Shops.      The company that I used to apply and perform that shop is HERE.   I would suggest signing up with this company as they appear to have many shops available nationwide!
If you would like to try out Mystery Shopping I have a page that I made a long time ago and needs updating because some of the companies are not in business now.   That link is HERE.  Please do not email or comment to me that there are links that do not work on this page, I know it :) I just have to get some time to fix those.  There are valid links there and I only post and share those companies that I know to be valid and reliable.  :) 

FYI:  most mystery shops require that children do NOT accompany you so that you can focus on the service and reporting essentials but there are a few that you can bring them too!  

ANJIE NOTE:  MYSTERY SHOPS must be reported to the IRS as income.  You will get a 1099 from those companies that pay you , sometimes even $10 1099's........... it depends on the company.  Be prepared for this and do not apply if you are on assistance that is income based and you do not want to jeopardize your benefits. 


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