Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SKYPE may save you even more....... ? if not you don't lose its FREE

 DO YOU SKYPE?   I haven't yet but my daughter asked me to sign up so I can 'talk' to her and the grandkids so I have taken the first step..... which is signing up FREE

you can sign up and talk to other skypers for nothing, zero, zip....... you can view things. people etc via webcam , I don't have a microphone, but I think the built in webcam does.. so .... you would be all set. 

I see that skype does NOT let you make emergency calls but any cell phone (activated or not) as long as they are charged up can call 911.

From what I understand for a fee you can use this as a telephone too with blue tooth and text too,  not sure about all of the ends and outs but it looks FREE for many things and
check this out:   I have a lot to learn...........maybe you do too?

  • Send text messages and use WiFi hotspots.

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