Wednesday, April 10, 2013

FREE HOME PHONE SERVICE (purchase box) using your CURRENT # and phones

I have been FRETTING for a long time about my phone bill(s) and trying to reduce what I pay paid for my telephone services. 

I am currently using STRAIGHT TALK for my CELL phone and on the TRIPLE PLAY with COMCAST for a contract (cable,internet, phone)  this worked out well for me as I kept my home phone # and saved $40 and reduced my cable bill by $10. 

During a recent visit to LA , my BFF, karla and her mother introduced me to their cell phone plan that cost the SAME as what i am paying now but has SMART PHONE capabilities for $45 a month ....... so I will have to make that switch next,  after i collect all of the information about other plans from my BFF, Brandee's hubby , who is "in the know" about saving on communications.


Brandee's household uses OOMA for their home phone 
you can buy a unit HERE for $139 with FREE SHIPPING and apply any company gift cards you have 
to that purchase as well.  I earn GIFT CARDS HERE  I search until I win EVERYDAY that i am online and whenever i get 450 points i cash in for a $5 amazon card which I put in my amazon account and "bank" until I earn /buy something I want.

now............. OOMA DETAILS  it is a box you buy that works like VOIP, or companies like Vonage. It connects through your High Speed Internet, so you do have to have this service already.

Free U.S. calling   Call anyone, anywhere in the U.S. Pay only applicable taxes and fees.

1. Look at your current phone bill to see how long until you paid $140  and it would be free for you.
for me it would be less than 4 months to pay for itself.

2. Order it and install it IMMEDIATELY so you can use the 30 day money back guarantee to see if you like it. We installed it only to ONE cordless phone and used that phone to call people. We did not want our home phone number shut off until we tested it.

3. After 30 days, if you decide to keep it then port your old phone number over. Otherwise, return it on time to get your money back.

4. Once your old phone number is ported over, then connect it to all your phones in the house.

To have free phone month after month The savings  is huge. 

you can keep your own # ($40 fee)............ add this to the $140 for unit shipped if you are using this option to port your current #.  
  • Revolutionary device that gives you free calls within U.S. and low rates for international calls
  • Works with any corded or cordless phone; easy installation with no computer required. Not compatible with Ooma Scout.
  • Includes caller-ID, call-waiting, 911, and many other calling features
  • Includes 60-day free trial of Ooma Premier -- a suite of enhanced calling services features
  • Includes everything needed for installation; backed by 30-day money-back guarantee and extendable 1-year warranty

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