Monday, January 14, 2013


Apparently ,  I put this information in the NEWSLETTER the other day and neglected to put on the blog, I went to update it and couldn't find better late than never....... this is valid through JANUARY 29th
so you have time to enjoy the savings if you missed out before.

THANKS TO FREELANCER, JENNIFER for this tip and REMEMBER some items are priced differently depending on WHERE you live!

******YOU NEED TO WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT DAY TO ROLL OVER YOUR CATALINA as they are NOT working in most locations in the SAME DAY PER MVP

I bought several marked down MEAT items (monday is usually good for that !)   Swiped my card and got $2 off $12 Butchers Brand and also found Butchers Brand steaks marked down (sirloin and tbone)...... bundled that deal  FOLGERS K CUPS or DUNCAN DONUT COFFEE buy 1 get FREE DOZEN DOUGHNUTS and 1/2 priced Smithfield Spiral Ham.............. IN ADDITION bought a jar of MINCEMENT marked down to $1.43 to TRY  (never had this before)  and then the BARGAIN OF THE DAY WAS
38 CANS (small) of Tomato Sauce x 32 cents each  $12.16
  2 CANS  of green beans (scanned mvp got 50cents off 2 bought little cans @52cents each)  or .54 cents total
TOTAL  $12.70 
GET CATALINA FOR $10 on your next purchase  (TO USE TWO DAYS LATER)
MY TOTAL $2.70

****I orig. bought 40 bottles of water at 27cents each (singles my essentials not available everywhere and in front coolers of store if available not on the shelves)

NOW I have another $10 that I plan on buying YOGURT with (lemon works well instead of sour cream in some recipes) and I love yogurt with my granola............. there are lots of good buys and a new sale starts on WEDNESDAY  (I am hoping PASTA goes down really really cheap to go with all of this sauce!)

Powdered Sugar or Brown Sugar
Paper Towels  

the DEAL is good on ALL of the MY ESSENTIALS items, get creative with your shopping list!

WHILE YOU ARE THERE:  CONTEST AUTO ENTRY with purchase of 4 of these products EACH TIME........... 

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