Friday, November 16, 2012

AUTHENTIC....... Stone Mortar & Pestle..... the one I have

they are $45.. before coupon and shipping
save 20% on your order with code: BIENVENIDO
should cover your shipping with regular delivery

This is the mortar & pestle that I have at my house on my butcher block.  It gets a lot of attention.......... "where did you get this?"  because it is REAL, its authentic and it looks great even after all of these years that I have it.   I make guacamole in it and occasionally grind herbs.  IT DOES NEED TO BE SEASONED when you get one and it is a bit pricey ..........but it is WORTH IT!  Its a lifetime purchase.   The only problem I have with it is that people "play" with it and leave the pestle all kinds of different ways and sometimes not even in the base but on the butcher block.  (its the adults and not the kids!)

I had a friend visit the other day and she asked me about it and wants one, so I looked up where I bought it and compared the price with other the same size, texture and shape and it is about $4 cheaper than anywhere else I have found it! So it is still a great deal! :)

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