Friday, August 24, 2012

FREE $10 to spend as you like!

this will arrive via email  *use for referral please........

when you shop now you get FREE SHIPPING with $25 in food purchases,  you will find the prices VERY REASONABLE , a friend of mine uses the herbatint hair color and buys at good foods grocery for over $15 this is 1/2 price at this store just to give you an idea!   I love the granola, kind products and of course the almond milk, especially when I don't have to leave home and have it delivered free!  SAVE THOSE GASOLINE DOLLARS TOO!

I order melatonin here as well, good price for the 10 mg. type that I like

You may find some other goodies but act quickly FREE $10 credit may expire soon!  GO GET UM!

IF YOU ARE NOT A NEWBIE You can GO HERE and earn $7.50  BONUS when you SIGN UP for MR REBATES PROGRAM and 8% of your purchase too, you cannot combine this with the FREE $10 above but it is a GOOD DEAL to COMBINE with the FREE SHIPPING OFFER!  THATS WHAT I JUST DID! 

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