Thursday, July 19, 2012


There were lots of great deals on school supplies this week, because I have no one enrolled in school at my house doesn't mean that I cannot collect for others / share / upcycle and /or use as office supplies.  I don't "go out" specifically to do one deal with so little purchases but if I am already out and about I don't need to worry about gas and wear and tear on the car etc etc..............I was out today so I went to martins and got (free bbq sauce) and then made it over to Staples to get the items you see spent 4cents plus tax or 34 cents for

2 packs of zebra pens (sale price $1 a pack)  $2.00  coupon here for $2
*check the exclusive printable coupons ..........I printed only 1 as this is how the magazine / manufacture intended........ it is good for 2 packs of 5

1 pack of BIC mechanical pencils on sale for $3.99 with online that you may submit online (no postage) for the entire cost or $3.99........ you do pay the tax on your entire purchase

2 packs (2 pack limit) of page dividers reg. $1.50 each  for 1 cent each
2 legal pads (2 limit) 1 cent each

Total out of pocket should be 34 cents in VA.
ALSO turned in an old ink cartridge for credit later / while out pennies in the bank............ money for later sale  I came home and printed my in store credits of $14 to use before the 31st of this month from previous ink I had turned in,  you have to spend this all at one time so I didn't use on todays "free" trip

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