Thursday, July 19, 2012

FREE BBQ SAUCE and a note about "extreme couponing"

Martins FREE Kraft BBQ sauce priced 99cents or $1.00 depending on the facebook page if they are still available.  50cents doubled .........makes this a get it free product

(please do not abuse this type of deal limit your greed instincts and get 1 or 2 and wait for the next great deal!  (just a recommendation as that is what / how the deal was intended, I like to please the generous manufacturers that give us this type of offer and the grocery stores that double - don't you?)

the register said that they owed me 1cents  and wouldn't let me pay the tax, we had to get a manager to let that happen be prepared to hold up the line, I apologized to the lady behind me but she was nice about it........... just saying

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