Friday, July 27, 2012

FREE 8x8 Photobook for NEWBIES ONLY

 GO HERE TO SIGN UP / SIGN IN and if you are a NEWBIE to shutterfly you will get an ad with a personal link to get a free PHOTOBOOK from SHUTTERFLY ITS A GREAT SITE and YOU WILL 
find lots of AWESOME offers there...........refer your friends and get credit if and / when they make a purchase too! 

HINT: they have  SPANX SWIMSUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!
75% off some very cool holiday decor...........yep christmas in july

more more more 

GET YOUR FREE PHOTOBOOK , if you qualify, I don't ........wish I could..............

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ProLifeMom ( said...

cool. Just signed up and got voucher for my free book. Hardest part comes now - deciding among thousands of pics to make just one