Monday, April 23, 2012

CLEAN WATER , ZERO WATER contest and Review

 ZERO WATER KIT  *sticker on box $35 savings*

Step 1  clean your pitcher and cap..... hot soapy water

Read your instructions and become familiar with your system
test your tap water PRE - Zero Water System

take reading with included meter...... my reading was 75

Filter some water as per directions

Take another reading ,  if NOT 000 then rinse off your pitcher and do again..............
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ZERO WATER!  SUCCESS

Sign up for ongoing savings $30 in savings
$5 coupon comes in the pack for replacement filter savings later

People always tell me that I have "excellent water" or the "best well water they ever had"  and truthfully I have to agree.  My water tastes fresh and clean to me ............second only to HOT SPRINGS ARKANSAS fresh from the springs water which was the best water I have ever tasted in my life (like silk).

I was shocked when I was reviewing this product to find that my water registered a 75 ...........which is much lower than many of you will have as a reading but higher than I expected as we are on a community well which is filtered on a large scale.  So ANY impurity reading above bare minimum would have been a shock to me. According to the included information this was in line with my state (VA) average of 051-200.  (Oregon and South Carolina has the lowest on the card I was given 002-050)  With my areas reading I can expect that 1 filter will last for 40 gallons or more per filter.  This isn't bad at ALL , especially when they are giving you a $5 coupon on your next filter and $30 in coupons to sign up for future purchases.  40 gallons is a LOT of bottled water!  :) savings are astronomical !

I followed all of the directions in the box and found that I had a 015 on the first reading and then went back and re-rinsed the pitcher (I let sit in a dish drain overnight after washing to dry) and then successfully got the desired 000 reading.  UM UM GOOD!   TASTE and will be using with my Coffee Machine on a daily basis from now on!

The process to set up/ test and use was very simple and self explanatory.   The Dispenser on the outside of the bottle is exactly that a DISPENSER ,  don't be like me and press it "to see what it does" or you will waste your GOOD WATER! :)   Also make sure you put the lid on TIGHTLY as I didn't and had a bit of spillage until I corrected that!

MY WATER TASTED BETTER THAN IT DID and I thought my water was GREAT to begin with!

The paperwork I rec'vd said to COMPARE YOUR TAP WATER at
Go Daddy reported:    This domain name expired on 04/05/2012
There was also a place to report your readings at
but I never got my confirmation email to verify my input on the site :(   so my readings were not registered.
Hopefully those two issues will be rectified very soon!

I read on their main website that  "Independent testing found ZeroWater's 8-cup pitcher removes the highest percentage of 15 common tap water contaminants that are unregulated, including BPA, ibuprofen, DEET and more. The research appears in the March issue of Good Housekeeping."
I cannot imagine that I have been ingesting these things in my WATER?    How often do I order "water" when I go out to eat?  OMG............. I never thought that I was doing anything but ordering "healthy" ...... with this in mind,  maybe not so much!

if so you may be in luck!  
look-up your area's TDS  READING  on
leave a comment here with your area's readings that have been reported
along with your NAME, MAILING ADDRESS , EMAIL ADDRESS...... (these will not be shared with others)  and two winners will be chosen to receive their very own complete system!   WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN THURSDAY APRIL 26 and notified on FRIDAY APRIL 27th!


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 “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ZeroWater and received a water pitcher to facilitate my review, two pitchers to giveaway, and extra filters to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Anonymous said...

I found the one closest to my house was a 484!! Our water here in our neck of the woods, south bossier in Louisiana, is usually very gross. Sometimes it looks like a nice glass of sweet tea, straight out of the tap. I think it really comes from the bayou out back. Ewwwwww. My 10 year old daughter actually wanted to use her birthday money once to buy a water filter. :(
Brenda Shirey
319 Bayou Loop
Bossier City, LA 71112

calamityjane said...

My TDS score is 316. Jane Matthews, 907 South Sheldon Street, Charlotte, MI 48813.