Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I spent a few dollars on this account over the weekend, purchasing a few "necessary" items and have enough left over to get my FREE CREAMER on it 

EARN $50 in 52 days! :) and then buy $100+ in groceries with coupons with it!

GO HERE for the offer

Save Your Money®. Even with your checking.

It's about time your everyday money earned interest too.

1.  GO HERE and sign up / sign in

2. Open an Electric Orange account – there’s NO-MINIMUM amount you have to put in there.  Basically, you’ll just be starting with any sum you decide upon ,  I will be transferring about $25 from my paypal account to my bank account and then to this account............ I have to first CONFIRM my bank account by verifying 2 small transfers, no problem but this takes 2 days

3. You will receive an ING Electric Orange Debit Mastercard. Activate your card and use it for three (3) signature-based purchases within 45 days of opening your account.  You can then cancel the account if you wish, or keep it.  Don’t know what to buy?  Watch my "savvy shopping" techniques and purchase some PENNY ITEMS for BACK TO SCHOOL!  :) *donate if you don't need them

4. Your $50 Bonus will be added to your account on the 50th day!  What will you do with your extra cash??  I am going to buy groceries!  :) about $100+ worth! WHATS BETTER THAN FREE GROCERIES?   NOTHING!

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