Saturday, January 7, 2012

WHAT I DO, WHO I AM.......... MY "other" blogs......... and such

I have had a few questions about my other blogs and webpages so I thought I would update you with the "skinny" or the "fatness" of them really quickly to tell you where I have been and where I intend on going........


The Frugal Freelancer...... RIGHT HERE are reading it now and the facebook page for it is HERE and the TWITTER account is HERE there is a EMAIL NEWSLETTER on the site (email) but it is not in real time .......  unfortunately I don't have control over that.  I TRY to update things on the facebook page tho...... this blog focuses on all things about saving and making cents and dollars! everything from FREEBIES to MERCHANDISING and many things in between!

ANJIES WORLD.......HERE...... thoughts, photos and goings on in my personal life, occasional recipes, contests and lagniappe.  
there is no real need for a newsletter or facebook page for this site at this time.... I do have a personal facebook page but it isn't what I have written or show here.   There is an email sign up on the webpage and it is not in real time but there is seldom anything that needs to be read quick fast and in a hurry ...... so sign up if you like

365 HUMANS .......HERE.... Need to get back on this one, those that read it enjoy it..... but I have to be "inspired" to update / write there.  My intention is for this to one day be a book (hardcover and kindle editions!)  It chronicles the people I have met and known in my life and how they have made me "who I am today"   You can "subscribe" to this to be updated via email for updates if you like and encourage me to update more often :)

ZENFOLIO  .....HERE.... my photography portfolio / business site
the facebook page for this site is HERE
I use this page for my clients, the newspaper and sometimes for personal photos (not frequently tho).  You can order photos from a lab or digital downloads here and you can also see some slideshows that I create of some awesome powhatan people! 

I blogged before "blogging" was even a word!  I used to write via an online diary and a yahoo group newsletter and used both as you now know a "blog" today.   The "diary" is no longer updated but I do still use the newsletter to let people know about updates to my blogs and deals or freebies that just cannot be missed in "real time."
I think? that the RSS FEED also does this...? in real time? on the blogs?  not sure about that one!

I had a website that you actually had to buy a program to build and pay to host and even a now defunct (too much drama) forum that was quite popular at one time.   Many people that now have blogs of their own were members of this website and forum and are quite successful bloggers now!  :) HIGH FIVE!  

I have an EBAY page that I occasionally upload a thing or two to sell and buy frequently from and love to swap books here.  

I am also a member of GOOGLE+ and LINKED in and a few other networking sites but have yet to learn, update them or use them.  I intend to and if you are members there you are welcome to "hook up" with me but don't be disappointed if I am not "active" there.  I also do not play any facebook games with the exception of Scrabble, I ignore and block the many requests I get from there, not to be rude but I just don't have time.

my PLAN for the future is to RECREATE my WEBPAGE and include / incorporate all of my outlying blogs into it.  sort of a ONE STOP SHOP....... so it wont be so hard to keep up with everything...... and when and where to "go" to find things
a "frugal, couponing, photography and cooking" website with a bit of 

I also am going to create the likes of a "local" type blog or more of a  "magazine" that I will show through photographs the people, culture and businesses of the place I live and the places I visit .......have some guest bloggers/photographers and other talented people contribute and see what happens. 

I now have 2 companies that I "market" for , or do some social networking , webpromos, etc for.  I haven't fully expanded this but I would like to.   If you have ideas or would like me to help you in this capacity feel free to contact me and we can talk more about it. 
I am "learning" so I am "cheap" LOL

OK I hope that clears things up and you understand what I do, where I do it and what to expect in the future?  Yep I am a busy lady but I do what I do with passion and integrity and hope that I inspire you in some way to do the same! :)

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