Thursday, January 19, 2012

FREE $10 to spend on what you want! :)

(I hope this link works for everyone - if you do not get the $10 credit message then please lmk and I will try to find one that works)
online consignment store BUY AND SELL and GET $10 TO SPEND TOO!
GOOD LUCK I hope you find something you LUV
I have already found a shirt / tank for $5 that has free shipping (can you say free?) and now looking for another item to fill my cart! yeaaaaa



rose said...

I went to this site and found some reasonably priced items.I decided to purchase a dress.I placed the order and was given a "style points" credit of $1.99 instead of the $10.00 that was promised Because credit info. must be added before actual purchase the now had all the info. they needed.I had no recourse to cancel my purcase so now I'm paying them $10.00 plus for an item that should have only cost me $3.00.
I considered myself a "savy" consumer,but I guess the old saying"If it sounds too good to be true,it probably is" should have warned me. said...

hmmmmmmmmmm not sure why ? how much was the dress? $1.99.... ? I am not sure that the $10 covers postage... so not sure what / why the issue no one else has said they have issue?

CDawn said...

I don't understand how this works either. I "liked" on FB and got a $7.00 credit instead of $10.00. Went to purchase a shirt and the total was not what I thought it should be so I didn't purchase it. Has anyone had this offer work?