Wednesday, November 9, 2011

GDA! HURRY ON THIS ENDS TODAY! $25 (or $12.50 if you have been following along) for $50 to a FREELANCER FAVE!

#1  SIGN UP HERE IF YOU ARE NEW TO PLUM DISTRICT or go here if already a member HERE   
look for the NATIONAL DEAL TO HAUTE LOOK put in your cart to check out you probably already have a $10 CREDIT FROM HERE ?  hopefully!   and you can use PROMO CODE: FABULOUS to save another $2.50 on the deal...... for me the deal cost $12.50

#2  SIGN UP HERE (NEWBIES) get get your ACCOUNT WITH HAUTE LOOK and give me CREDIT for sending you (THANK YOU)  this offer is for   OR GO HERE if you already have a HAUTE LOOK ACCOUNT

#3  WAIT FOR VOUCHER.......  

if you have been following along you now have 2 of these very cool vouchers as I do.......the other one was HERE 
you just spent $25 + $12.50 ($37.50) for $100 in GC to spend for Christmas!  combine that with the drastic savings on the site and you can probably score about $200 for that same $37.50 plus shipping............ 


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