Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I ran into Food Lion today to grab some Bread and Butter (literally) and found these not to be missed deals!  I will be going back today after picking up Faith from school .............to pick up a bottle of VINO ........ and it will be just in time! :)  I found a coupon in the store for $2 Bertolli's new SOUP!  (found in the frozen food section for $8.49 not on sale) and I also found a $5 off $10 rebate form for FROZEN FOODS from Miller Lite! (no beer purchase necessary)  I quickly scanned the frozen food aisle and grabbed the soup (last bag in my store?) that I will be ADDING my left over veggies and chicken stock too tonight for dinner.......... YEP chicken and veggie soup with pasta and grilled cheese sandwiches tonight!   I found the Ravioli (love to fry these!) on sale for $1.67 a bag which was perfect to get the total spent up to $10 to send in the $5 rebate.......

+  1.67
TOTAL :  $10.36  (minus $2 coupon) $8.36  (minus $5 rebate)  $3.36 for BOTH items.   I will make the soup tonight and have the fried ravioli another night!

I scanned my card going out of the door as was happy to get a 60cents coupon off SUGAR IN THE RAW which I am going back for this evening (expires tomorrow) and a $3 off MEAT REBATE when you buy BLACKSTONE OR RAVENWOOD WINE  which I love and buy ANYWAY ..........you have to purchase $5+ of meat...which I will do w/o problem! :)

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