Sunday, October 30, 2011

MORE FRUGAL DOINGS........................

I have been collecting my FAVORITE BOOKS from my past and trying to collect them from the year that I either read it or close to it and / or the year it was printed, for nostalgic sake, and to re-read those treasures that I once loved.  WALDEN TWO I found in GRADE SCHOOL and LOVED IT .  Dreamed of "utopia" often myself and this story was an escape for me ...........intrigued me as a child........ imagine that.  I was able to get this copy free from SWAPPING another book I would not read a second time, how you ask?  JOIN THE SWAP and get in on the fun! I have loved every minute of it!  This picture also shows the free notecards "you're beautiful" that I got a while back from a deal that I am using as a Birthday Card  that is going to hold a GC for a sweet young lady I know...... xoxoxo

I actually placed in a recipe contest!   :)  I placed but not high enough!  the top 4 got all expense paid trips to Philly this weekend to compete for larger prizes, I was in the top 40 and invited to compete (at my own expense) but I did get this COOL PAN AND SPATULA for participating and "bragging rights" that I did place in this one!  :)  LOL ............. soooooooooooo I love my pan and spatula but not prepared to spend the money to go compete, even though I have a sneaking suspicion that more pans may be in the mix if I did..... :) I placed with my reciped for Heap O'Healthy Po Boys

 I got chosen from a SURVEY To TEST a PRODUCT CALLED  "COLOR RUN REMOVER"  how cool is that?  I have some sheets that got washed with a red throw by accident and they are YELLOW so I think this will def. put this product to the test and I got to try it FREE !  How cool is that?  Stay tuned for the results!

I bought the Raven's Wood Vino .......... REBATE from Catalina from previous Food Lion purchase and when I did there was another $3 rebate that "spit out" for $3 the purchase of two more bottles.  I have no issue buying Ravenswood ..........I buy it regardless so this is "bonus" money for me!

LOVE LOVE LOVE To collect money from CREDIT CARD REWARDS............ I play the game........ charge without paying interest and pay from my checkbook and paypal account what I would normally spend and get paid to do it........... yea I know that doesn't sound exactly "right" but this is what I do and it works!   I have gotten mucho buying power from doing this over the years and some very nice rewards for doing it!  THIS will be combined with coupons and other GIFT CERTIFICATES to score for CHRISTMAS CROSS OFF!   :)   Do you want to earn FREE GIFT CARDS TO THE GAP?   HERE ARE TWO WAYS TO SCORE NOW..........but you BETTER HURRY IF YOU WANT THEM BACK BEFORE CHRISTMAS
after you get your cards , then we can talk about combing them with other coupons and how you can score more GC at a discount

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