Monday, October 31, 2011


PIER ONE has clearanced already to 50%  off ..............I love watching and buying and decorating from the HALLOWEEN clearance sections for many reasons.    Our "colors" for our school are ORANGE / BLACK AND WHITE so anyone that attends the events at our school NEEDS to shop Halloween Clearance for some GREAT STUFF!     

I WANT THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!
The next reason I like to shop the clearances is so that I can have special treats for my "small" friends that visit me over the holidays and now I have also started the tradition of BOOING so I will need even more! Some of my favorite places to shop the clearance sales are : target, pier one, bed bath beyond, but there are other places as well.   If you hear of any other great places let me know and I will check it out!  I thought I would show you a few of my decorations that I have from shopping the sales through out the years................
My Table Setting complete with Wizard of Oz Centerpiece

My cadenza with Pumpkins and Autumn colored pasta and Pumpkin pie Plate

Various TeaLight Candles in Halloween Dish (spiders) filled with sand..... from sandbox

My new wreath (gift from best sister ever) and some autumn corn

remote controlled witch with cauldron

lighted plastic pumpkin for ambiance

entry to hallway goblins and strings

close up of goblin

Mr. Stein sits on my porch

various autumn goodies on table on porch

witch in costume with cast iron pot cooking a rat :)

wizard of oz apple tree with some real pumpkins (wish they were apples but)

shower curtain <3

mirror in bathroom with skull and halloween hand towel

candle holder in bath

handmade decor ala faith spanish class last year

window sill ........

dorothy is in guest room this year sporting my hat

even calebs monkey is in costume, he is elvira this year

My gourd bowl has some visitors....... ghost and mummy that light up

I love using nature (caleb collected acorns) to fill this glass pumpkin that is housing gnomes at the moment

So there ya go,  some views of my inside decor for "treating" my eyes and giving a bit of whimsy to the holidays.  I didn't go "all out" on the outside this year because I am not going to be home like usual..........I am going "tricking" with my nephews!  CANT WAIT! stay tuned for some pics!   


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