Monday, October 17, 2011


see the weekly ad? you can order online or go to store........
100% back in Rewards on the 16 packs of AA or AAA batteries.  Limit 2 per household.

I usually order online but today I had to bring Faith to the Dr. and the Staples was RIGHT DOWN THE STREET , in addition I got this handy dandy coupon in my email from STAPLES...........  . it is USER SPECIFIC I do believe so check your email and see if you have it!

AND I had a 75¢  Manuf. coupon for the Duracell (only got one paper this week) so I grabbed my coupons and printed out my rewards $41.10   ($10 was ink cartridge returns)  and I was off...........

I found a clearance aisle and grabbed some DUCT TAPE (have been collecting for stocking stuffing) that was normally $3.90 a roll and the sign said $1.80 so I grabbed one roll and went to the register with my KEURIG CAROUSEL (CHRISTMAS CROSS OFF) and my 2 packs of DURACELL  I thought I had it all figured out that after the coupons and such I would  have to pay a small amount that I would charge on my STAPLES CARD to get a $50 CREDIT for first time usage...........
^^^^^DID YOU DO THIS? if you see this offer in your STAPLES REWARDS it is worth $50 BUYING POWER LATER! ^^^^^

WELL I WAS WRONG !  before they even took off my 75cents coupon I was told they owed me money WTH?   the guy behind me was buying several things including some AA batteries / Duracell but not the FREE ones, so while they tried to figure it out I informed the guy that he was buying the wrong pack, he needed the larger pack to get it free,  he was amazed and said he now had a year supply............I told him he could get 2 packs but he said NO WAY did he need that many...........then the cashier said he would have to redo my entire order to use the coupon ....... I promptly gave my coupon to the guy behind me and was like OK now I need to BUY something on this card............ because they GAVE ME MONEY .......... 67cents credit after my purchase!  WOW , I told the cashier I was going to get another roll of the duct tape.  He said that this was only ringing up 50 CENTS! OMG!  I ran to get some more rolls, I got 4 more.......... I paid $1.40 after my coupon for 4 rolls (less than I thought the price of one was)  and I forgot my rec't I was so happy............I BOUGHT : $63.93 in merchandise for less than $2 and earned 69.98 for the purchases!  WOOOHOOOOOOOO

The funniest part is he brought my rec't to my car!  he had NO TROUBLE FINDING ME and the guy with the batteries waved at my car too as he was leaving the lot! 

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amweeks said...

awesome! headed over to get batteries today!