Sunday, October 2, 2011

Earn $20 when you get a GYMBOREE CREDIT CARD!

I have a gymboree credit card and am getting ready to spend $50 for $100 worth of items from there for my Grandchildren for the holidays.  That $100 is AFTER sale prices/clearance/coupon deductions .......then I will apply my gymboree bucks that I earned a while back.  WHAT A DEAL! the clothes are high quality and cute cute cute!  If you want to get in on the action get your card and earn $20 for you and for me too when you follow the directions below!

Gymboree Visa CardEarn a $20 bonus for you and your friend! BOTH parties get the bonus money when done thru referral!  yea!

You'll receive a $20 bonus for each referred friend that applies and is approved for the Gymboree® Visa® Card. Your friend will also receive a $20 Enrollment Bonus 1. Just have your friend(s) apply through one of the methods below and make sure they include your Gymboree customer or verification number.

Two easy ways to refer a friend 

1. Have your friend(s) apply online. Just provide them with your Gymboree customer number (100180576) and invite them to apply online. Make sure and have them apply at Just shoot them an email with the info, it couldn't be any easier!

2. Have your friends apply for the Gymboree Visa Card by phone. 
Be sure they know your Gymboree customer(100180576)   or verification number when they call 888-444-9999 ext.3030 so you get your $20 bonus. Your 9 digit Gymboree customer or verification number is located on the bottom left corner of the back of your Gymboree Visa Card.

Each person you refer adds $20 to your monthly Gymboree reward! 

Once the applicant is approved and issued a new Gymboree Visa Card your $20 Refer-A-Friend bonus will be added to your monthly reward total. Watch your statement to see when you'll receive the gift card.

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