Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whole Foods / Living Social $20 deal! :)

8oz of coffee for $23?    Frugal?
I love love love some LUXURY in my life!  who doesn't?   Earlier this month I purchased a $20 WHOLE FOODS GIFT CERTIFICATE for $10  did you?  If you have been following me on the blog, you probably did because you KNOW what a fabulous deal this is.  You also have learned to share your deals with your family and friends, n'est pas?   If you did sign up and shared with 3 friends or family members that also made this FANTASTIC purchase then you got your $20 for free. ............. like I did.

Now today I had a job at Whole Foods Grocery Store (photography gig for a promo that I am putting together/ more on that later).  So I printed out my paper and I threw it in my purse before I left.

 Once I entered the store I found this "flyer" full of coupons for the store....... and put in my purse for later thinking that I would use my coupons, these coupons and do the $20 challenge  
and show them what a REAL DEAL WAS........ 

ROFLMBO........... NOT............... 

I made more purchases than the coffee but the coffee is what I chose to spend my FREE $20 on.  Yes I could have stretched it further and gotten more bang for my buck, I could have paired it with coupons and gotten something else....... but I didn't.  

I bought this coffee that is normally $23.xx for 8 oz or $46 a lb for $3.xx.   YEP its an extravagance but it is PURE KONA and I love pure KONA COFFEE.     THIS MY FRIEND IS LIVING LAVISHLY FOR LESS!   Even the employee stocking the shelves commented "that is some awesome coffee, I treat myself to it over the holidays."   I was thinking "this is a holiday called, Anjie's GOOD DEAL holiday!"   :)

How often am I able to enjoy such a luxurious item?  not EVER....... so yep I used my GC wisely..... something to make me REALLY SMILE! 

Now I would be lying if I said I bought nothing else, I bought plenty. I used a $1 coupon on some bare naked granola for one, Tokies Pancakes too!   I actually bought too much! :)  I can't go into any Whole Foods store and NOT buy a bunch of things.   The only thing I wanted that I did not get was the olive oil that was on sale for $3.99 reg. $12.99 that was sold out.  I also forgot to get a raincheck on that item when I checked out.  

Tomorrow ,  like every friday they have a door buster sale.  Tomorrow's sale is BOGO SMOOTHIE and the whole deal book (link is pdf file that you can check out) that I have has some great coupons in it that I can match with some other deals, some online coupons  and did I mention the AWESOME COFFEE AND SALAD BARS THEY HAVE?   LOL.......... I even bought 2 bottles  of wine.  If you are going over there over the weekend and want to request a rain check for 3 bottles of this olive oil I would love to have one! :) 
You heard about last week's deal from LivingSocial, right? Well, 5% of the proceeds from that offer will be donated to Whole Kids Foundation, which means they're getting $500,000! They want you to help decide how they spend all that money, so cast your vote for one of three incredible programs by clicking HERE

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