Monday, September 19, 2011


Have you been following along week to week on this blog?  If you have some BIG REWARDS will be coming your way in regard to SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING that we did  (end of july-sept) and we will be able to refill our ink and purchase needed office supplies (school supplies should be overstocked with some to share!) and / or some really cool gifts for the Christmas Season!   I know I will be doing both! 

I love Staples!  I love both the online store and the brick & mortar stores as well. They have been around for years and they often send me some GREAT products to try (printing services) they have a REWARDS PROGRAM and this year they sent me a 15% off all school supply purchase card at no cost for being a valued customer!

You may have already done this one below but if you haven't and you are NEW buyer on the site you are in luck you can still catch up this is VALID RIGHT NOW!
My DH purchased $15 Staples card for $8 HERE a while back**first time buyers ONLY  STILL VALID!

****************THAT WAS EASY**************

Clearance Banner
I also have teamed up with them through an affiliate program online to offer you the best deals and clearance "heads" up too......... I love to get their sale emails so that I can pass the savings along and as always you can get FREE S&H whenever you spend $45 *even if you are paying for the $45 with rewards

I will be checking the site and the flyers and letting you know whats "good" on there and if you find anything I over look don't hestitate to share! 

My Staples checks have been coming in bit by bit and I have been depositing them.  I roll them over to my "BUYING POWER" account(s) from "MAKEN BAKEN!"  YOU are going to be doing this too if you have been following along!  (FAN FARE AND APPLAUSE INSERTED HERE!)

UPCOMING days rewards ~  we should be getting our notices that many of our rewards are ready to print from our AUGUST purchases.   HERE IS MY STAPLES rewards CASH....... (this is in addition to the rebates I have being delivered in the snail mail)
I also turned in 5 empty cartridges of ink while I was in the stores in AUGUST..... I save them up until I actually go into the stores  - there is no need to make an extra trip and waste gas
So as you can see my "buying power" for September for STAPLES is $35.87
 As I was checking out my balances today I noticed a little box on the bottom of the page that looked like this: 

I filled out the ONLINE BUSINESS APPLICATION and was approved ....... (NO MONTHLY FEE)
and now I have increased my buying power by........... 
$50 more dollars!

TOTAL "BUYING POWER" that will READY TO SAVE AND SPEND WHEN "RELEASED" will be $100.37  I think that will cover my color ink refills and a few other gifts this coming month!  woooohoooo'

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   GO HERE and earn back 3% of any of your purchases @ this week!

*****BLACK INK will not need replacing yet...... I got lucky and purchased 3 cartridges (now down to 2) for $10 a while back on a resell site! looking for another deal like that now *******

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