Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some Savvy Shopping for the Week!


**********note all out of pocket cost is put on REWARDS EARNING CREDIT CARD to further increase my spending power! *****************

CVS haul for the week!  

2 bags of skittles (bogo free coupon from ECB card scanner)
1 tide 2/ febreeze
3 containers of dawn
1 case of water (not shown)
1 gillette body wash (free with purchase of deod.)
2 packs of Charmin Basic
1 st. joesph aspirin
1 Oral B floss
8 bottles of Sobe (bogo)
2 Visine   (bogo 50% off)
2 Gillette Deod.  (bogo50% off)
2 Nivea Lip gloss
1 Pop Chips 

Total Retail :  $98.62
Out of pocket:  $26.44  earned $10 shell gas card AND earned back $3 in ECB for next trip savings!  AND scanned my green card :)    ***buying power

TOTAL COST:     $13.44

TARGET OR more fondly called TAR-JAY 
Birthday BIB , CROWN and TEE SHIRT for my Grandson's 1st bday in DECEMBER
CHRISTMAS :  camo hat, fedora hat and jeans for my other Grandsons bday in NOVEMBER
5 Pack on ONESIES to put away for future baby gift
DS GAME for my GRANDSON for his birthday or Christmas 
2 containers of SMUCKERS ice cream topping
2 bars of Neutrogena Soap
Old Spice Deod.
Old Spice Body Wash
2 - Just For Men boxes
1 Box John Frieda Hair color
1 Box Herbashine Hair color
2x  Pantene (shampoo and conditioner)
2 packs of Papermate Ball Point Pens (10 packs)

OUT OF POCKET:                                      $26.16
REBATE:                                                         $6.99  ***buying power
TOTAL COST ................................     $19.17

staples has been FABULOUS this year to me for BTS ,  I especially love the coupons, 15% off savings card and REWARD offers they have sent to me.  To further my spending power with them I also use a reward credit card to make my purchases and for the month of AUGUST , I turned in 5 ink cartridges for $10 to use in September!     THIS TRIP WAS SUCCESSFUL and take a peek at my CRT!    The manager checked me out and said that I may have set a record in his store !  LOL..........
BIC student choice  (6)
Not pictured (donated @ front of store to teachers)  28 packs of pens I got them FREE with coupons and the b2g1f sale!
2 squiggly erasers
4 3 subject pocketed notebooks (on Faiths BTS list requirement)
8- rolls of scotch tape  (got some for Christmas wrapping for us)
5 packs of notebook paper (for faiths school requirement)
2 bottles of school glue
2 packs of glue sticks
2 packs of post it tabs
2 packs of index cards
2 small note / notebooks
1 hardback spiral notebook/journal (for me)
1 WOW PACK of pens
1 3 pack of HIGHLIGHTERS
1 5 pack of gel rollers 
Unable to find the Bic highlighters in the 100% back ad...... 

TOTAL RETAIL:  $123.34
out of pocket:           $32.76
Staples Rewards for later:  $19.29  *buying power
Total cost :   $13.47

14 packs of 24 crayons (will be using most of these for craft projects) 
1 pair of scissors
1 pack of index cards
1 pack of dividers
1 can of maxwell house coffee
1 bottle of gatorade
2 boxes of playtex fem. products
1 box of Estroven
BUYING POWER:   $10.00   (Walgreens RR) + Reward points 
TOTAL COST :   $10.17

SAVINGS $323.44
BUYING POWER for later:  $49.28

***this is higher than "normal" due to BTS cost for teenager and stockpiling the BTS items for the year needs while on sale. There are a few "birthday/christmas" and "craft" items on this list too that are not for "normal" use.   I have enough Deod. stockpiled that there is no need for me to buy for about a years time, unless I donate sometime in the near future.    I also bought some "just for men" hair product which no one in my family uses......I will do the rebate on one, give the other pop to someone else to use and then donate/gift that product.   

With the recent purchases of laundry detergent plus I make my own and have some of that ready to use I will also not need to buy that product for several months unless I donate.

I do NOT stockpile like this all year long, there is no need to do so,  I do this about 4 times a year, depending on my "needs" to fill holes in my pantry, h&b closet and vitamins/meds.  

Occasionally , (thank goodness its limited) there is a need to donate due to national / local disasters, call for help, collections at school / churches etc and I will deplete my stockpiles and need to go back to work to replenish.

Most recently I participated in a challenge to get school supplies for the Boys & Girls Club of VA and was happy to donate over $450 worth of supplies to the cause.  I hope to make "like" donations as often as possible! ;)

Last week I also spent $25 in buying "whole inserts" of sunday coupons which I VERY RARELY do, due to the fact that there were 3 great inserts with several great coupons that I need to replenish my stockpiles this year!  I will show you how I spend it as I go! 

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