Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some Frugal Doings

I went to CVS the other day and scanned my card , I got a B1G1F coupon for 5 gum  they are normally $1.57, if I use the $1 off coupon on the one I buy........ then I should get two for 57¢

I brought my $2 off any candy or beverage in to the store when I went and redeemed it for this $4.97 bag of candy that was on sale 5/$10 or $2 for the bag..........FREE snacks this week..........didn't really NEED the chocolate but I enjoyed it along with the rest of the clan that has been in and out of here...........yea its almost gone now.... which isn't a bad thing!

A stop by SHEETZ This week netted a FREE FIJI WATER from the load on my card that I posted earlier ;and then the coffee I bought had a FREE DONUT coupon on it which I will redeem next week! :)

I also picked up a couple of great coupons Buy 2 Get 1 free candy bar that will combine great with some FREE coupons I got via snail mail this week and PBR had some $1 coupons on any pizza with value of $1.50 or more, I am going to be looking at those frozen pizza slices for a sale before that one expires!

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